When Do Ski Clothes Go On Sale?

Ski Clothes

Skiing clothing equipment and gear can become incredibly expensive if one purchases everything at full price, and many enthusiasts benefit from targeting ski sales in order to get great value for more cost-effective deals. So, when would be the best time to land a great bargain and purchase skiing items on sale?

Ski clothing and gear generally go on sale at the end of the skiing season, and this period offers decent savings and a great shopping selection. Out of season sales can be worth it, but the odds of finding suitable items for your needs are lower due to a smaller buyers’ selection.

Whether you’re looking to save some cash on upgrading your gear, or are trying to get into skiing without leaving a dent in your budget, we’ve gathered everything you need to know when looking for amazing skiing sales in order to help you get all set for tackling icy slopes with financial peace of mind.

When do ski clothes go on sale?

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With regard to the sales of ski clothing and accessories, a lot of it comes down to the rules of supply and demand, which is prevalent in other sales as well. When there is a lower demand, there will most likely be sales, and such times are most prevalent towards the end of the skiing season.

Retailers need to clear their stock count of outdated season’s items, in readiness for what will follow in the next season.

Brands generally release new collections and supply them to retailers at the end of summer in preparation for ski season, and end of season sales typically reach around 50% discounts on ski clothing, as they reduce the price in an attempt to at least make a profit off of the items.

That being said, where you look for such sales is going to play a role as well, since some brands or retailers begin reducing their prices and attempting to clear out stock much sooner than others.

General outdoor activity stores and retail dealers tend to rotate out of winter stock much sooner in preparation for incoming styles and accessories since they may have stricter deadlines for the incoming stock, or may potentially have a higher quantity and variety of incoming stock since they supply equipment for multiple activities all year round.

Stores that are more specific to skiing or snow-related activities tend to hang on to these items for longer, but will also inevitably end up reducing prices towards the end of the skiing season.

Some areas which are renowned for skiing often have clearance sales before they close down for ‘mud season’, and massive blowout sales often occur in early fall.  Such sales typically occur at least once or twice a year, and are often organized by retailers and sales groups.

Thus, the odds of catching these sales would require plenty of planning in relation to the specific sale, and one can only generalize to a certain extent with such sales.

These sales could occur physically at a chosen location, or online, and landing a great deal at such sales would necessitate arriving early to catch the best buyers’ selection, and shopping during work hours, as opposed to weekends or rush hours, could narrow down the competition.

At physical locations, this often requires camping out and dealing with crowds, but it can be well worth the effort at the end of the day.

Generally, during this time, retailers have sales on ski clothing and accessories, and it seems that the odds of the sale price lowering even further comes with a few risks.

Much like aiming to get a sweet deal during any sale, the longer you wait, the lower the available selection of items, which may potentially be lowered to even further reduced prices.

While some may get a massive bargain during seasons like summer, where ski clothes are in very low demand and prices are cost-effective, there is a strong possibility that many styles, models, sizes, and variations will not be available.

Based on the fact that such a sale is purely based on supply and demand, the leftover stock will reflect that in relation to what is left for purchase. Most of the most trendy or highest-rated versions would have likely been sold, leaving ski clothing items that were not the most sought after.

There will probably be a surplus of unpopular colors and styles, which is fine if that is not really something that you’re concerned about. Uncommon sizes will also be left in stock, which is something that should certainly be considered as saving a few bucks simply to get ski clothes that do not fit well may ultimately be a waste.

In most cases, ski clothing summer sales onlineOpens in a new tab. are far more fruitful than those in physical stores. But, in some areas, summer is in fact incredibly challenging to find ski clothing or accessories of any kind at all, and some retailers relocate ski products to sports shops during the summer.

Some areas have organized sales where retailers bring the little remaining from the previous skiing season and sell them for discounted prices. However, this would typically occur at the beginning of the next skiing season, and would most likely offer deals that do not amount to as many savings as the end of the season or out of season sales.

While sales periods fluctuate, the time period just before skiing season, during skiing season, and during the holiday season, are typically not great for savings unless you’re maybe seeking out leftover stock from previous years. Late spring is often a great time for ski clothing sales if seeking new equipment with a vast selection.

Another factor consider is the piece of ski clothing being looked for, as some ski clothing itemsOpens in a new tab. are far easier to find for lower prices and great quality, while some items necessitate quality and in-person purchase for the benefit of certain features.

This would include skiing itemsOpens in a new tab. such as boots since control of the feet are one of the most important aspects of skiing technique. Boots need to have a perfect fit, just snug enough and not too tight as well – many skiers invest in having their boots tailored for this reason.

Thus, buying any pair which offers a great price but average wearability may not be worth it in the long run, and purchasing at online sales will pose a plethora of risks for fit and wearability.

Boots should preferably be purchased locally, or in such a way that they can be tailored or fitted well after purchase for the best comfort and practicality – many skiers try and saveOpens in a new tab. as much as possible on ski clothing, and only splurge on boots.

Similar principles go for skiing socks, as although these can be found on sale at times, it’s often something that needs to be purchased at full price but is completely worth it coupled with a pair of great boots.

With all of these factors considered, it seems that end of season salesOpens in a new tab. are ultimately the most fruitful, as while the prices are generally not overwhelmingly reduced, there is still an appropriate amount of variety, style, and potential for clothing which fits well.

However, out of season sales can be fantastic if the timing is just right, as planning to gear up for a sport as agility-based as skiing demands garments which fit just snug enough for optimal movement and great performance.

Items like high-quality skiing jackets, pants, gloves, and even goggles can be found for great bargains much more easily. It should be noted that when hoping to get anything on sale, there will be a varied level of luck or chance involved, as there isn’t much certainty in terms of what you may ultimately bring home.

If one is planning on getting something specific, then targeting sales may be a shot in the dark and may not be the best for such a case. Ski stores don’t generally overstock on anything, and there are limited quantities of every single style and make of each clothing item.

Any advantageous end of the season or out of season saleOpens in a new tab. will need a perfect balance of immaculate timing and a touch of luck for successfully taking home a discounted beauty that fits just right and does the job well.

What is the best time of year to buy skis?

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Much like ski clothing sales, the best time to buy skis would be toward the end of skiing season, and this is for very similar reasons when compared to shopping for ski clothing at the end of the season.

However, the primary difference here would be the quality and functionality of skis that are available for purchase, as this is not exactly something skiers can skimp out on as opposed to the non-vital aesthetic and color of a ski jacket.

Waiting around to see just how much you could save during off-season sales or summer bargains could end up being entirely useless if there is nothing good left at all.

That being said, one could save a ton at off-season sales, similarly to timing for ski clothing sales, since the more time that passes between the release of a season’s gear and the end of the ski season, the lower the price would get.

But, again, as with ski clothing, buyers’ selection will dwindle and will necessitate plenty of compromises, since many items may be the last in stock.

Thus, shopping for a short period of time at the end of skiing season would offer decent savings, a greater likelihood of higher quality skis, and would allow for a comfortable range to choose from based on colors, styles, and models.

It’s also more advisable to purchase skis new as opposed to used versions, regardless of when the model was released.

Best places to buy ski clothes on sale

There are many physical locations to purchase ski clothing and equipment on sale, but this would require far more effort, planning, and time commitment.

For those seeking a more convenient approach to landing an incredible deal, there are quite a few online stores that offer ski clothing and gear sales at least once or twice a year. The items’ availability for unisex, men, women, youth, and children will vary.


Amazon is well-known for offering great deals for high-quality items, with availability worldwide. They sell a wide variety of ski clothing and all kinds of equipment that have been created by established and reputable brands, and plenty of their items can be shipped for free for Amazon Prime members.

When they have ski clothing or gear sales, the prices of sought after brands and styles can be reduced by approximately 60% or even greater for incredible savings and a fantastic ski setup.

amazon ski clothes

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This site frequently offers sales on less significant yet greatly beneficial items, such as skiing accessories and socks. Having these extras would be great for completing a high quality ski gear setup for optimal comfort and performance.

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Overstock often offers great deals on ski clothing and gear sales, and typically provides high-quality styles and models created by esteemed brands.

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Backcountry has an online sale that offers a wide range of ski clothing, accessories, and gear, providing plenty of buyers’ selection. They frequently reduce their prices by approximately 40% and often mark down certain items even further.

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Patagonia is renowned for stylish, durable, high-quality ski clothing and related items, and they offer online sales on high-performance gear and garments. They have significantly reduced prices during these sales, and include markdowns such as ski pants going for $299 instead of $599, and ski jackets being sold at $83 instead of $139. These sales are fantastic for claiming some top-of-the-range beauties with the change to spare.

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Altrec is an absolutely phenomenal outlet for ski clothing, gear, and accessories on sale. They offer a wide range of items that are high quality, and often markdown their prices by up to 65% which provides an insane amount of savings.

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The-House frequently offers amazing deals on ski clothing and items which remain from previous seasons, and they often markdown their prices by up to 60%. During some of their sales, total purchases to values over $50 may reward free shipping.

There are plenty more retailers and sites which offer online sales every year, all of which have varying degrees of discounts and differing selections to choose from. Usually, every single sale differs slightly from previous sales, so it’s important to keep up to date with brands or online outlets in preparation for their next sale.

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Buying used ski clothes

For gear that is used, one could find sales in late fall, as many individuals consider upgrading or swapping their gear in late fall as they begin planning for their own ski season adventures. It’s possible to find community organizedOpens in a new tab. sales throughout the fall, but this is typically planned privately or locally.

These are often hosted as garage sales, and there are times where used ski clothing is offered for swapping deals as well, which could be great if you’re looking to switch up your ski setup as opposed to specifically upgrading with brand new items.

Such sale opportunities can be found online as well, on sites such as SidelineSwap, SKIads, or Amazon, as well as general second-hand shopping sites – either scenario would require staying up to date with the specifics of that sale.

Rental stores also have sales occasionally, and they mainly sell their gear which is old and no longer suitable for renting, but some lucky shoppers manage to land good deals on new ski clothes as well.

However, buying used ski clothing always comes with standard risks and other factors, such as lower quality, worn-out areas, minor damage, and of course, the hygiene factor.

But, one can find ski clothing such as accessories, jackets, pants, and gloves in relatively good shape, which are available for second-hand purchases or swapping. It’s not advised to purchase items such as boots, skis, helmets, or socks second hand.

Sales are absolutely fantastic for saving on this beloved yet otherwise expensive sport and getting to know the ins and outs of such sales would be greatly beneficial for planning ski shoppingOpens in a new tab. trips and establishing summative savings over time.

While you can save a ton shopping completely offseason, it may only be advantageous for those who are not fussy about what they find or are not overly bothered about style or trends.

All in all, the longer you wait, the more you may save and the less variety you may have to choose from. The more specific your needs are, the sooner you should hit the ski sales hotspots.

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