Val d’Isère: Enthralling Ski Destination in Europe

Val d’Isère: One of the Best Skiing Places in Europe

Dreamy projections of stunning après panoramas and adrenaline pumping descents become a reality when visiting this esteemed ski area. Skiers from all walks of life can benefit from the captivating slopes and enticing attractions that Val d’Isère offers.

We’ve gathered everything you need to know before visiting this incredible ski destination, so stick around to find out the best features of such an engrossing location, and what approach you should have for planning the ski trip of your wildest dreams.

Location, Weather, and Climate at Val d’Isère

Val d’Isère is an iconic ski resort situated in Savoie in the French Alps, offering exquisite skiing opportunities with natural skiing conditions, temperatures, and snow. The area is serviced by 900 snow cannons in addition, to ensure that patrons enjoy exceptional snow quality at varying times of the year.

Average temperatures can be viewed hereOpens in a new tab., and average snowfall can be checked out hereOpens in a new tab..

Month Temperature (High) Temperature (Low) Snowfall (inches)
November -6° 13.3
December -1° -9° 11
January -1° -10° 17.7
February -9° 14.2
March -6° 16.1
April -3° 12.9

 It gets incredibly cold, so visitors will need to ensure that appropriate winter gear and clothing is worn, topped with protective measures such as hats and sunglasses while traveling. Proper gear such as skiing helmets and goggles will provide protection while skiing, and sunscreen should be worn as well.

Additional measures such as umbrellas are advised while participating in non-ski activities or traveling during snowfall.

Getting to and around Val d’Isère

Getting to Val d’Isère is quite simple, as the ski resort is only a few hours away from various airports, and can be reached by car or train from these airports, as well as from 1 heliport with an organized transfer. Details on getting to Val d’Isère can be viewed hereOpens in a new tab.. Airport transfers can also be booked in advance with Ben’s BusOpens in a new tab. or AltibusOpens in a new tab..

The nearest train station is Bourg-Saint-Maurice, which is 45 min from the resort, and a transfer from the train station to the resort can be organized with AltibusOpens in a new tab.. Taxis and buses can also provide transportation from airports or the nearest train station. Check out details on arranging a taxi or bus transfer hereOpens in a new tab..

International Airport Time to Val d’Isère by car/ taxi From Major Points Time to Val d’Isère by car/ taxi
Geneva International Airport 3 hours Bourg Saint Maurice 18 miles (40 minutes)
Lyon International Airport 3 hours Lyon 149 miles (3 hours)
Chambéry International Airport 2 hours Chambéry 83 miles (2 hours)
Grenoble International Airport 2 hours Albertville 53 miles (1 hour 20 minutes)
Genève 136 miles (3 hours)

Accommodation at Val d’Isère

Val d’Isère offers a range of comfortably cozy chalets, amazingly adorned apartments, and luxury hotels, suited for single visitors, large groups over 10, or even more for a massive dream ski holiday trip.

They offer various residences, real estate agencies, private rental owner sites, catered chalets, special offers, and apart-hotels for accommodating a variety of lodging preferences and budgets, whether visitors are looking for a modestly comfortable or lavish and luxurious accommodation site.

All accommodation areas are complemented by the natural old-style stone, wood, and slate buildings which further beautify the village’s mountain flair. Check out all accommodation locations hereOpens in a new tab..

With the world undergoing an array of twists, turns, and changes in 2020, Val d’Isère has made a few adjustments in order to accommodate and manage the number of individuals on-site at any given moment.

It’s imperative to ensure that all persons who wish to visit this incredible ski resort are fully up to date with all rules, protocols, and terms of service in accordance with mandated health and safety regulations. Check out details on new policies hereOpens in a new tab. to make sure you have the most enjoyable and safe ski trip with optimal peace of mind.

Ski areas in Val d’Isere

The combined ski area at Val d’Isère boasts stunning variety, making it suitable for skiers of all experience levels. The total area features 2 glaciers covering 10,000 hectares of skiing, 153 pistes, and 2 snow parks for skiers of varying levels, as well as 157 slopes with a diverse selection of trails and runs, serviced by 78 lifts and gondolas.

There are 186 miles of marked pistes, and the skiing area spans from 5,085 feet to 11,318 feet in altitude, with 60% of the skiing terrain being above 7,217 feet elevation. To view details on runs, lifts, cross country links, walks, and play areas, check out the map hereOpens in a new tab..


This section of the Val d’Isère ski area features a stunning variety of runs for all levels and is suitable for skiers of varying calibers.

  • Travel and Gondolas

Bellevarde is serviced by a range of lifts and gondolas, including the TPH Olympique, Funival, TC Daille, TSD Bellevarde, TSD Borsat, TSD Loyes Express, TSD Marmottes, TS Grand Pre, TS Mont Blanc, TK Lanches, TK Slalom, TK Snowpark, and Tapis carpe Diem.

  • Green Runs for Beginners and Novice Skiers

Novice and beginner skiers can enjoy the Borsat, Fresse, Genepy, Grand Pre, Lanches, Mont Blanc, Verte Bas, and Verte Haut.

  • Blue Runs for Intermediate Skiers

Intermediate skiers can enjoy the 3J, Club Des Sports, Collet, Criterium, Diebold, Les Tines, and Moutons.

  • Red Runs for Advanced Skiers

Advanced skiers have freedom of choice, with a wide selection of red runs. This includes Fontaine Froide, Joseray, OK Bas, OK Haut, Orange Bas, Orange Haut, Santons, Trifollet, G, Raye, and Semanmille.

  • Black Runs for Expert Skiers

Experts have the choice between Epaule Charvet, Face, and Stade Olympique for the most challenging steep slopes.

Fornet/ Iseran

This ski area is mainly suited to skiers with higher experience levels, as the terrain is fairly challenging with blue runs offering the easiest slopes.

  • Travel and Gondolas

Fornet/ Iseran is serviced by a range of lifts and gondolas, including the TPH Fornet, TC Vallon, TSD Laisinant EXP, TSD Pyramides EXP, TK Col 12, and TK Signal 12.

  • Blue Runs for Intermediate Skiers

There are plenty of options for intermediate skiers in this ski area, with a wide selection between blue runs. This includes Arollay, Col, Mangard, Petit Bois, Pont Abatte, Pre Chemin, Pyramides, Vallon, and Variante Du Col.

  • Red Runs for Advanced Skiers

Advanced skiers can enjoy Le Cognon, Signal, Signal Bas, and Table Orientation.

  • Black Runs for Expert Skiers

Expert skiers can venture down the most riveting slopes with a selection between Foret and Tunnel.


This area also offers patrons the opportunity to engage with fascinating terrain and captivating slopes, as the area provides a balance between runs suited for skiers of all levels.

  • Travel and Gondolas

Toviere is serviced by a range of lifts and gondoals, including the TC De Toviere, TSD De Fresse, TSD Du Bollin, TSD Du Paquis, TSD Tommeuses, TS Du Rosset, TSD Des Tufs, TK De Combe Folle, TK Du Lavachet, Tapis Du Centre, and Tapis Du Claret.

  • Green Runs for Beginners and Novice Skiers

Beginners and novice skiers can enjoy the Boiu, Cafo, Digues, Lavachet, and Piste Du Centre for comfortable and safe skiing while still getting the hang of the sport.

  • Blue Runs for Intermediate Skiers

Intermediate skiers who are looking for comfortable challenges and areas to practice technique and form can benefit from the Bollin, Creux, Edelweiss, Piste Henri, Rosset, and Violettes.

  • Red Runs for Advanced Skiers

Advanced skiers can enjoy the Combe Folle, Cretes, Crocus, and Rocs for more adrenaline-pumping descents.

  • Black Runs for Expert Skiers

Expert skiers have the opportunity to descend down steep and challenging slopes, namely the Aster, Campanules, Envers Campanules, Johan Clarey, and Paquerettes.


This smaller skiing area is mainly suited to skiers with a higher expertise level, as the area is comprised of mainly blue runs with some red and black runs for more advanced skiers.

  • Travel and Gondolas

Palet is serviced by various lifts and gondolas, including TSD Des Merles, TSD Du Grattalu, TSD Du Tichot, TS Du Col Des Ves, TS Du Grand Huit, TK Du Chardonnet, and TK Du Col Du Palet.

  • Blue Runs for Intermediate Skiers

Intermediate skiers have freedom of choice in the area, with most of the terrain being blue runs. This includes the Carline, Grattalu, Piste Du Lac, Premou, and Signal.

  • Red Runs for Advanced Skiers

Advanced skiers can benefit from Le Mur and Merles, both of which provide skiers with enthralling skiing experiences with just enough challenge.

  • Black Runs for Expert Skiers

Experts have the opportunity to venture down G. Chicherit, Golf, and Pramecou.

  • Additional Features

The combined ski area features a connect point from Val d’Isere to Tignes, as well as cross country skiing. The areas boasts Piste De Fond in the form of Boucle Daille, Boucle Laisinant, PT BCLE Ouilette, PT Boucle Manchet, GD BCLE Ouilette, and GD Boucle Manchet.

The area also features walk areas such as Col De L Iseran, Daille, Joseray, Lac Ouilette, Lasinant, les Sources, Manchet, and Pont St Charles. Play areas are also available across the combined ski area, such as G, Raye, Semanmille, Snow Parl, Stade G. Bonnevie, Borader X Des Experts, and P’Tit Cross.

Snow parks allow patrons to enjoy a wide range of additional skiing experiences in a constructed and prepared environment, and there are setups to suit skiers of all experience levels.

This includes 7 kickers and 6 boxes for beginners, 6 kickers, and 3 boxes or slopestyle with 4 rails and 3 kickers for intermediate skiers, and even some more challenging setups for advanced skiers and experts.

They also offer star kickers with a mini-pipe shred and double bowl, topped off with fresh snow, and the area can be accessed with the Mont-Blanc chairlift at the foot of the Folie Duece, or by the Snowpark, ski lift a few minutes from Carpe Diem. Check out details on the Snow Park and what they offer hereOpens in a new tab..

  • Restaurants and Bars

Val d’Isère features a wide range of exquisite restaurants, all of which offer stunning surrounding scenery, tantalizing treats, and delicious dishes.

There are 82 fantastic eateries and food establishments situated throughout the surrounding areas of the ski resort, offering various cuisine topped with a warm wooded or snowy atmosphere for a perfectly stunning and memorable meal.

Val d’Isère offers a blend of Pizzerias, Tea Rooms, Creperies, Brasseries, mountain restaurants, gastronomic restaurants, local specialties, and even international foods. To view average prices, locations, and menus served by all of these amazing eateries, check out details hereOpens in a new tab..

However, due to the conditions of reopening the resort, some of these establishments may not be currently open for service and may remain closed indefinitely.

So, this will need to be confirmed prior to booking, and reservations may be required for après dining in order to manage venue capacity and ensure safety amongst patrons, visitors, as well as staff.

Ski Schools

Group lessons, private lessons, and ski lessons for children, teenagers, and adults are provided by ESF Val d’Isère. They offer lessons in classes of Blue, White, and Red, and have varying prices for each class.

There are varying periods by which the lessons are offered, and the classes can range from 1 to a few mornings, afternoons, and even full days. Check out details on pricing and time durations hereOpens in a new tab..

Ski Rentals

There is a wide selection of ski rental locations situated throughout Val d’Isère, all of which offer varying terms of service and pricing systems, but provide high-quality skis, ski gear, and ski clothing plus accessories.

This includes locations such as AB Skishop, Bootfitting & Location Prosneige, Boraso Sport, CTSkis, Eksiador Sport, Freeride Val d’Isère Centre, Hors Limites, Iseran Sport, and much more. Check out details on all available ski rental locations hereOpens in a new tab..

Ski Passes

There is a wide range of ski passes to choose from when visiting Val d’Isère, and persons from all walks of life, including children, seniors, and adults, can find something that is well suited to various preferences, budgets, needs, and goals. For more details on all passes, check out listings hereOpens in a new tab..

It should be noted that all prices are set in Euros, thus listed prices in USD are averaged, will fluctuate in accordance with current exchange rates, and are subject to change.

All ski passes are free for children below the age of 5, as well as for individuals over the age of 75, and there is a 50% reduction on standard public prices for persons who have a severe disability at 80% or more as well as for the companion accompanying the disabled individual.

Thus, proof of age will be required for age-related discounts, and a disability card will be requested in order to be verified for disability-related pass price reductions.

Val d’Isère + Tignes Ski Pass Prices
Time Duration Child (5 – 13 years old) Adult (14 – 64 years old) Senior (65 – 74 years old)
Afternoon ski (from 12:45) $44 $54 $44
1 day $59 $73 $59
2 days $104 $130 $104
3 days $157 $196 $157
4 days $209 $261 $209
5 days $261 $327 $261
5-day Liberté Pass $285 $356 $285
6 days $299 $374 $299
6-day Liberté Pass $323 $404 $323
7 days $351 $437 $351
8 days $352 $439 $352
9 days $395 $492 $395
10 days $437 $547 $437
11 days $481 $602 $481
12 days $525 $565 $525
13 days $569 $711 $569
14 days $613 $766 $613
15 days $656 $821 $656

The Liberté Pass allows pass holders to enjoy flexibility and freedom, as they can use their days non-consecutively over a period of 8 days. One free entry to the swimming pool at the Aquasportif Center is provided if a ski pass of 2 to 15 days is purchased. The Liberty Pass cannot be combined with other Ski Pass Packages or deals.

Ski pass extensions allow visitors to extend their length of visitation for even more enjoyment of the ski resort’s stunning amenities and terrain. However, ski pass extensions are only available for purchase at Val d’Isère official sales points at the resort upon presenting the original pass purchased.

Daily Extension Prices
Original Duration Child (5 – 13 years old) Adult (14 – 64 years old) Senior (65 – 74 years old)
6 to 14 days (maximum 2 day Extension) $52 $64 $52
15 days and over (maximum 6 day extension) $22 $27 $22

Val d’Isère also offers fantastic ski pass packages for families, which feature discounts and savings. This package deal would result in a discount of 25% for adult pass prices, would apply to groups of 4 persons, either 2 adults from age 22 to 74 and 2 children or students aged 5 to 21 years old, or 1 adult from age 22 to 74 and 3 children or students aged 5 to 21 years old.

One free entry to the swimming pool at the Aquasportif Center is provided if a ski pass of 2 to 15 days is purchased, and this pass can be extended by a maximum of 2 days at a cost of approximately $52 per person.

Val d’Isère + Tignes Family Ski Pass Prices
Time Duration Price (for adults and children)
6 days $299
7 days $351
8 days $352
9 days $395
10 days $437
11 days $481
12 days $525
13 days $569

The Season Pass is ultimately one of the best passes for those planning on skiing for a lengthened period of time throughout the ski season and throughout the year. Additionally, there are bonuses featured for those purchasing the season pass at the standard public price and are available from 19/12/20 to 16/04/21.

This includes 2 days of skiing accessible in Ste Foy Tarentaise, as well as 2 days of skiing at the privileged and decreased rate of 31€ per day on l’Espace San Bernardo (La Rosière – La Thuile).

The season pass allows pass holders to ski with full freedom and flexibility throughout winter, while awarding pass holders with free skiing at The Grande Motte Glacier (Tignes) in autumn, and freeskiing at The Grande Motte Glacier (Tignes) as well as the Pissaillas Glacier (Val d’Isère) in summer.

Season Pass Prices
  Child (5 – 13 years old) Adult (14 – 64 years old) Senior (65 – 74 years old)
15 days and over (maximum 6 day extension) $1357 $1696 $1357

The Pedestrian Pass is a fantastic option for those with alternative preferences while on the mountain, as it allows access to certain ski lifts such as Solaise gondola, PIM PAM carpet, POUM carpet, Vallon gondola, Funival, Daille gondola, Olympique cable car, Fornet cable car, and Bellevarde chairlift.

The Tribu offer allows adults and children to pay the children price, and it’s available for return, one day, and 6 days pedestrian pass. However, the Tribu offer is only available to groups of 3 or more persons.

Pedestrian Pass Prices
  Child (5 – 13 years old) Adult (14 – 64 years old) Senior (65 – 74 years old)
Return $14 $17 $14
1 day $20 $24 $20
6 days $71 $57 $71
Season $549 $440 $549

The A La Carte Pass is a membership plan which awards subscribers with 15% – 30% discounts on the 1-day pass, free entry for under 18 patrons with every adult pass, exceptional rates on annual insurance, 15% discounts on partner resorts such as Sainte-Foy, La Rosière, and Valmorel, and a ridiculously low price of 1 Euro for the 9th, 14th, 19th and 24th days of skiing.

This is an annual subscription, and details on costs and other additional benefits can be viewed hereOpens in a new tab..

Après-ski and non-ski activities

There are plenty of additional alluring winter activities that patrons can engage in after a long day of skiing in addition to the wide range of shopping and dining opportunities that are available throughout the area.

Whether visitors are young or old, seeking adrenaline-pumping activities or relaxing entertainment, all visitors can find something to enjoy with Val d’Isere’s wide range of incredibly appealing attractions.

  • Val d’Isère Special Events

Val d’Isère hosts a plethora of incredible special events throughout winter in particular, with many of the events offering entertainment, Christmas Magic moments in the festive season, first and second track exposure, and even occasional opportunities to witness Critérium de la 1ère Neige FIS Men’s Alpine Skiing World Cup live.

They commonly host concerts, festivals, races, shows, and much more. Check out events and when they will be held hereOpens in a new tab..

  • Discovery and Wellness Activities

Val d’Isère features many activities for visitors to partake in while off the snowy slopes, and there is something for everyone whether you’re seeking creativity, reclusive relaxation, or are even inquisitive in nature. This includes bowling, guided tours, drawing lessons, bridge, cuisine and patisserie lessons, a chess club, and yoga.

There are also amenities for entertainment including a cinema, spa, and wellness center, a media library, the Val d’Isère Museum, as well as a heritage attraction. Check out more details on all of these enticing entertainment opportunities hereOpens in a new tab..

  • Additional Activities and Family Fun

Many alluring activities and attractions adorn Val d’Isère, suitable for the whole family regardless of age or preference. This includes helicopters, ice skating rinks, night ski races and cross country night skiing races, Ulm, Ski movies Val d’Isère, Val Kids, fat biking, recreational fun zones, ski touring, ice driving course, speed riding, a sleigh area, ice climbing, paragliding, snowshoe hikes, dog sledding, and a slalom stadium.

Check out details on all of these amazing activities hereOpens in a new tab..

  • Aquasportif Center

This center offers a ton of amazing water activities, wellness activities, and general physical activities for individuals of varying ages, preferences, and physical capabilities. This includes a cardio and weight loss zone, a sports world, a beach world, a fitness area, a spa area, yoga, wall climbing, a driving simulator, a golf simulator, a well-being area, and a relaxation lounge.

Check out details on all of the amazing activities that Aquasportif offers hereOpens in a new tab..

  • Après Nightlife

Val d’Isère offers 28 unique locations for visitors hoping to get a taste of the nightlife action. This includes relaxing après-ski venues, lively clubs, cocktail bars, pre-dinner cocktails lounges, various party time hotspots, some venues which play live music, distinguishing pubs, as well as wine bars.

There is something for everyone, whether you’re looking to relax with a tantalizing drink after a long day of skiing, or hoping to dance the night away with vibrant music. Check out details on all of these locations hereOpens in a new tab..


Pros of Skiing in Val d’Isère

  • The incredible diversity in the trail and run selection
  • Fantastic variation in ski passes, plus discounts for the disabled, children, and seniors
  • A wide range of activities to stay entertained while not skiing
  • Many options for accommodation and lodging
  • Plenty of choice with ski equipment rental, as well as ski lessons
  • Many enticing attractions for persons of varying interests, ages, and preferences

Cons of Skiing in Val d’Isère

  • Far more terrain for intermediate and advanced skiers
  • Not that many runs for beginners and novice skiers

This resort boasts phenomenal features, is suitable for skiers of all levels with a wide range of green, blue, red, and black runs in addition to children’s areas, and accommodates individuals with varying budgets with so many pass options and discounts.

There is an endless amount of skiing opportunities, alternative attractions, and après experiences that await those visiting Val d’Isère.

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