How To Carry Water While Skiing – With And Without A Backpack

How To Carry Water While Skiing – With And Without A Backpack

Whether you’re hitting the legendary trails of Aspen, the wintry wúnderland of Zermatt, or even your local indie ski lodges, every skier’s pet peeve has an uncanny tendency to rear its ugly head. I’m talking about dehydration, folks…in the snow. Let’s get right into it.

Carrying water while skiing with a backpack can be done by using a dedicated hydration backpack, a standard backpack’s side pockets, or by simply placing water bottles in a standard backpack’s main compartment. Without a backpack, one could make use of a hydration belt, hydration vest, or a water bottle sling pouch.

We dive into the best ways to carry water, factoring in the basic science linking skiing and dehydration, as well as recommended water intakes. We also take a look at a wide selection of products designed to keep you from drying out on the bunny slope.

How to carry water while skiing with a backpack

Luckily, most ski backpacks available for sale today also double as hydration packs, or “camel bags”. These tend to feature an insulated water storage bag, known as a “bladder”, which connects to a drinking tube that the wearer can easily access.

This is probably the best way to hydrate during a ski run, as there is no need to constantly stop to take a sip. The water-carrying capacities of the packs also vary to cater to different people’s needs.

If you are a new skier, chances are you might neglect, or refuse, to invest in a camel bag, and opt for a more traditional outdoor backpack. This is fine too, although not as convenient as a camel bag would be.

If your side pockets are secure enough against the tumbling, falling, any other unforeseeable rigors of a ski day, they would serve as a rather efficient way to quickly access a water flask. A friend could also help you with the side pockets if they need unclipping or unbuttoning.

Side pockets, if uninsulated, may easily expose your water bottle to the icy elements though. The last thing you want is to have your water freeze while you are in the middle of the trail.

You could also just keep it very simple and put your water bottles in your backpack’s main compartment. This way is just as secure as the camel bag. However, unlike with the camel bag, placing your water in the main compartment means you will have to constantly stop, unfasten your backpack, and then open it to access your water.

This could prove to be a massive inconvenience for you, and your ski buddies who opted for camel bags.

Remember, skiers have to wear layers upon layers of clothes, so unfastening a tightly strapped backpack might be a bit cumbersome. You will also be wearing gloves, which may or may not need to be removed. And all that for 2-3 sips. Friends can help, of course, but that slows everyone else down too.

Some of the longest ski trails require groups to move quickly if they are to be completed. The frequent stops could add up.

However, for unseasoned and unserious skiers, the stops would actually be of benefit as they would allow for an additional cool-down time while they hydrate. Most people will be shocked at how physically taxing skiing is, especially in the dry winter atmosphere. Walking through snow all day is no picnic either, especially while in a multi-layered outfit.

How to carry water while skiing without a backpack

1) A hydration belt is a good hands-free solution for skiers on the go. Many of these are easily adjustable to accommodate most waist sizes and feature secure insulated pockets that will keep your water from freezing. Check out this cool drink belt and holsterOpens in a new tab. from Swix (Available on Amazon).

A nice touch is the angled water bottle pouch, which makes for easier access during physical activity. The belt can also be positioned in any way the wearer chooses, unlike the more limiting backpack.

2) Another possible solution is a hydration vest. Just strap one of these bad boys on and you’ll be ready to go about your ski runs without worrying about dehydration. Easy to put on, and often equipped with an additional set of pockets. What more could you need? Many of the vests available today are highly adjustable, meaning that a padded-up skier should have no trouble finding one that fits comfortably.

Check out the HydraQuiverOpens in a new tab. on Amazon. Made by outdoor active gear brand Orange Mud, this hydration vest is a cool little number. A neat little pouch for your water bottle is placed behind you (hence “quiver”). Its other little pockets and pouches are ideal for storing snacks and your smartphone.

3)A water bottle carrying a sling-and-pouch combo is another simple way to carry water without a backpack. These are carried over the shoulder and keep your hands free while you move about. One company that produces reliable and premium quality water bottle sling-pouch holders is Mindful Ventures, which makes an excellent insulated water bottle carrierOpens in a new tab..

The perfect non-backpack solution for skiers, the carrier features a durable pouch that can be expanded to fit 40 oz water bottles. The pouch is highly insulated, and the sling is adjustable to suit most heights.

Best ski water bottles

As we have established, the need for hydration during ski outings cannot be understated. Winter, though snowy, is still a dry season and the lack of moisture in the air will cause you to rapidly lose water. What a lot of beginner skiers also do not realize is that this sport is a proper workout in itself.

The heavily layered clothes worn to protect skiers also amplify the sweat factory, depleting the body even further. Heck, even walking all day with that gear and outfit is a tremendous cardio session.

You need a water bottle or several, that can safely get you through the trail, or to the next fill-up point. In the case of an emergency, or if someone gets lost, reliable water bottles can be a crucial saving grace. We’ve picked out a few great ones that you can order from Amazon today.

Husuku 1.5L (50 fl. oz) Water Bottle

This 1.5-liter (50 fl. oz) water container from HusukuOpens in a new tab. is a potential winner. Made from high-quality plastic and shatter-resistant Tritan, this bottle is a great purchase for any ski trip. The bottle’s large capacity is ideal for scenarios when the next fill-up point is unknown, and the straw cap makes it very easy to drink from while on the go.

The handle is well designed, with a nice ridge pattern that is coated with a grippy plastic that you can easily hold on to, even with gloves on. Check it out on Bonus? It’s free of bisphenol A (BPA), an industrial chemical that has been linked to some health problemsOpens in a new tab..

Hidrate Spark 3 Smart Water Bottle

Welcome to the future. Gone are the days of repurposed truck stop “spring” water bottles. Introducing a bottle that not only reminds you to take a sip, but adjusts these recommendations to suit any clime or country you may find yourself in.

The Hidrate Spark 3Opens in a new tab. smart bottle is that future and a no-brainer for your ski weekend. The bottle is made from premium, BPA-free, plastic swathed in a luxurious soft-grip coating. The removable cap and bottom allow for refilling on either side.

The bottom also serves as a docking power point for the bottle’s innovative smart stick sensor, the heartbeat of the bottle’s technological marvels.

With a link to the Hidrate app, via Bluetooth, the sensor can transmit how much water you have consumed over a certain period. It even breaks it down into sips! Another cool feature is the awesome glow the stick can produce, thanks to colorful LED lights.

The bottle glows as a reminder for when you need to drink water. You can also set custom water intake goals, and the bottle will adjust and let you know when you are on or off track.

The smart bottle also has GPS capabilities, and the “Find my bottle” feature in the Hidrate app means you can say goodbye to the days of forgetting where you left your bottle during hectic errand runs. A pretty useful feature on a ski trail, I would say.

The bottom of the bottle also houses the long-lasting battery, which will eventually need changing as they cannot be charged.

This 20 fl. oz cylindrical bottle is a worthy companion for any ski or snowboarding trip. It also features a handy loop that you can use to hang off of your person or gear. The Hidrate Spark 3 is available in three awesome colors: coral, storm, and black. Each colorway has its own cool luminosity when the smart stick sensor within glows.

Crazy Cap Water Purifier and Self-Cleaning Bottle

Yes, you read that right. “Water purifying”, “self-cleaning”, are not just farfetched marketing buzzwords in this instance. The prize brain-child of Florida startup Microlyscs, LLC, Crazy Cap 2.0Opens in a new tab. is a revolutionary product for outdoor rehydration. Prepare to simply scoop upriver, lake, or…any water, and drink without a care in the world.

You would be surprised by how thirsty you can get while skiing, as well as by your rate of water consumption. Your water bottle could be empty long before you reach a fill-up point with drinkable water. Drinking river water is (correctly) discouraged under most circumstances.

Lucky for you, the Crazy Cap bottle is not one of those circumstances, with extremely quick water purification now, literally, at the push of a button.

The jewel in this “device’s” crown is undoubtedly the purifying cap. The bottom of the cap, which goes into the bottle, is an ultraviolet light beaming apparatus, which fires UV rays akin to those used to sterilize surgical equipment and biochemical laboratories.  When the user puts water in the bottle, the cap is secured. On top of the cap, is a button.

This is the trigger for the UV light beaming apparatus to start purifying your water for drinkability. There are two purification modes: normal sterilization mode and crazy mode. Press the button twice for normal sterilization, and five times for crazy mode. On crazy mode, your water will be ready to drink within 60 seconds!

The UV beam in the Crazy Cap is an application of Deep UV-C technology.  This level of ultraviolet light has proven to be effective in killing approximately 99.9996% of all viruses and bacteria and fungi that can be found in water. To charge the Crazy Cap, you make use of the no USB port charger provided.

The bottle itself is a sleek and stylish stainless-steel design. However, this isn’t any ordinary stainless-steel drinking bottle. The Crazy Cap’s bottle has insulation, thanks to its double-walled construction. The inside is a real vacuum that will keep your water, or hot drinks, at their original temperatures for longer.

This comfortably takes care of the risk of your water freezing over.

The bottle also benefits from the cap’s UV beam, with a routine “self-cleaning” scheduled for every four hours.   With no filtration system involved, the Crazy Cap bottle will never need maintenance…ever. The 20 fl. oz bottle comes in three stylish colors: Carrara, Blackstone, and Teakwood.

One possibility stemming from this water bottle’s technology is that the user can also sterilize water and share it with others in his or her ski party. Simply put the “suspect” water into the bottle and secure the Crazy Cap. Press the button for either sterilization mode and wait for it to finish.

When the water is safe to drink simply pour it into your ski buddies’ water containers. Repeat this process until everyone has rehydrated and refilled sufficiently. This is potentially the best water bottle you can buy for skiing, because of its water purification and insulation properties.

Iron Flask Insulated Water Bottle

You will not go wrong with this choice. Introducing the insulated sports water bottleOpens in a new tab. from Iron Flask Group. This high-quality stainless-steel drinking bottle offers incredible value for money without compromising on your hydration needs.

With regards to skiing, the Iron flask will take like a duck to water. This is mainly due to the impressive insulation engineering that regulates temperatures for more than 12 hours. You won’t have to worry about your water freezing on you while you are in the middle of your runs.

The bottle comes in six sizes: 14 oz (414ml), 18 oz (532ml), 22 oz (650ml), 32 oz (946ml), 40 oz (1.18L), and 64 oz (1.89L). This is very useful as different people have different hydration needs.

The range of sizes available makes the Iron Flask the ultimate choice for family skiing trips, as Mom, Dad, and the kids can get the bottle size that’s just right for them.

The fun doesn’t stop there though, as the bottle comes in an assortment of colors that allow everyone to flaunt their personal style. The bottle is comfortable to hold, and the double-wall insulation prevents the hand from feeling excessive heat or cold from the bottle’s contents.

Thought we were done? Not yet. There’s more. Another cool thing about the Iron Flask is that it comes with three separate leak-proof lids, so you can choose the most comfortable way for you to stay hydrated.

The first is a plastic spout lid with a screw-off cap. The second is a hinged flip lid, also made of plastic. The third is a stainless-steel lid, that you simply unscrew so you can drink from the bottle’s main lip.

Check out this cool drinking bottle on Amazon today. The fun selection of colors also makes the Iron Flask a great gift for your ski buddies.

Hydrology Adventure Edition Water Bottle

This beauty is another high-quality outdoor flask that comes with 3 different lids. Fresh out of the Hydrology, LLC idea factory comes the “Adventure EditionOpens in a new tab.. This stainless-steel bottle features a simplistic design and a classy embossment of “H2” on the front.

Like the Iron Flask discussed above, the Hydrology Adventure Edition is made with premium level stainless-steel that serves as the foundation for the double-wall vacuum insulation system. In simple English? Your water will stay in liquid form while you hit the slopes.

This simple-looking bottle is capable of some pretty impressive thermal feats, such as keeping cold beverages cool for 48 hours in scorching environments. For you skiers, specifically, hot beverages will stay hot for 12 hours. Rest assured; your water will not be freezing over any time soon.

The bottle is also very comfortable to hold and features a matted powder coating in all 11 colorways. Its insulation properties also prevent condensation from forming and, potentially, compromising grip. Hydrology also includes three distinct lids for you. The first is a handle lid, which allows for the bottle to be hooked or clipped onto your gear or person.

The second is a spout lid with a little screw-off cap. This one is ideal for quick sips of water or any cool drink. The third lid is a flip lid that is a good choice for hotter beverages that tend to require sips of lower volume. Barring manufacturing defects, all of the bottle’s lids are completely leak-proof.

The water bottle is available in four sizes, from 22 oz all the way up to 64 oz, which is great for families. It is also BPA-free, recyclable, and tough as nails. In fact, this bottle is so durable that Hydrology offers a lifetime warranty on it. A strong contender to the title of the best ski water bottle. Learn more about it on Amazon.

Collapsible water bottles for skiing

As we have mentioned before, once you hit the ski trail you are at limited carrying capacity. With all of your clothing layers, your backpack (if any), and, of course, your ski gear, the ability to save weight and space is crucial. You do not want to walk around all day holding additional inconveniences such as empty water bottles.

The rise of the collapsible water bottle is just what the doctor ordered, then, and we take a look at some of the best iterations on sale today.

The water experts at Platypus Hydration have engineered a very interesting water-carrying solution for your outdoor adventures. The SoftBottleOpens in a new tab. range is a selection of collapsible water “bottles” with a twist. When empty, the bottle is completely malleable and can be folded or rolled up in any which way to take up the smallest space possible.

When filled up, it assumes a regular bottle shape. The hourglass-esque shape makes the SoftBottle a joy to hold, as it has a narrow midsection. BPA-free, taste-free water is just a few clicks away on Amazon. The SoftBottle (available in 16 or 32 oz sizes, and five colors) is simply one of the best collapsible water bottles in the game.

When it comes to collapsible water bottles, few names resonate quite like that of Nomader’s water bottleOpens in a new tab.. The leak-proof (and BPA-free) water bottle has an iconic silicone body and a moveable grip sleeve along its length.

Unlike the aforementioned SoftBottle, the Nomader can stand in rigid form while empty or full. The silicone body can be rolled or stuffed up to take up less space.

The spout lid also has a nifty little cap to keep germs out. Another cool feature is the carry strap that serves as a regular handle when the bottle is standing sturdy. When the bottle is rolled up, the strap is used to hold it in place. The Nomader water bottle has a carrying capacity of 22 oz (650ml).

A great buy for your skiing expeditions and more. Get it at

Best backpacks for skiing

Outdoor Products H2O Performance Hydration Pack

This is the big leagues, as far as ski-ready hydration gear goes. Recommended for serious skiers, the H2O performance hydrationOpens in a new tab. pack is heaven-sent for extreme sportspeople. The sleek and stylish backpack houses a two-liter (68 fl. oz) bladder attached to a quick-release valve, for instant refreshment.

The pack design revolves around ensuring the wearer wastes little time worrying about how their movement will affect their backpack. The highly customizable slide sternum strapping keeps the pack well in place for all of your “eagle” and “helicopter” maneuvers on the slopes.

The panels on the back feature highly permeable meshing that extends to the shoulder straps. A winning design made for winners.

The H2O pack is available in two colors: black and iguana. Each colorway features sleek reflective trimmings for low-visibility scenarios. It has a base weight of 0.92lbs (420g), excellent for a fully loaded skier with little room for additional weight.

If you are serious about skiing, this one is for you. Look it up on Amazon and see for yourself.

Mothybot Insulated Hydration Backpack

Now, this is the deal you have been looking for. American manufacturer Mothybot has an awesome hydration solution for your upcoming ski trip…and all the ones after it.

Their insulated hydration packOpens in a new tab. is THAT good. The backpack is made of heavy-duty polyester and lined with PVC. It is water repellant and highly insulated from the elements. Feel free to execute all of your wildest tricks and flicks because that’s just bread and butter stuff for the backpack.

The pack is also highly adjustable, with chest and shoulder straps that cater to men, women, and children of all heights. Mothybot’s trademark whistle is also integrated into the chest strap buckle. Talk about attention to detail.

Did I mention that the hydration pack’s bladder is BPA-free? Because it is. The bladder is also graded as military class level, which means that leaks and inexplicable holes in your water pack are a thing of the past. The drinking tube leads to a leak-free mouthpiece, which has a neat little dust cover that keeps dirt out.

The 70 oz bladder’s most impressive feature is arguably its self-locking connector. This “self-locking’ mechanism kicks in as soon as the drinking tube is disconnected.

Anybody who has ever used most run-of-the-mill hydration packs will tell you that the point where the drinking tube meets the bladder is often an area of leaky disasters. Not anymore, thanks to Mothybot.

The backpack’s main compartment is also insulated and is great for storing snacks, fruits, and additional water containers. The pack also has additional little compartments and pouches for a complete storage solution.

The water bladder, and any additional water containers in the main compartment, have an almost zero percent chance of freezing over.

For your information, Mothybot is so confident in the quality and reliability of their hydration pack that they offer a 2-year full refund policy, as well as a mind-boggling lifetime warranty.

The Mothybot hydration backpack comes in 12 colorways and is available on Amazon.

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