Differences Between Adult and Child Skis

Perhaps you and your family want to start skiing but you are thinking of which skis to buy for you and your kids. It’s a common concern but most people are not aware that there are junior skis for kids and adult skis and they are different in almost every way. So, what are the differences between adult and children skis?

Adult and child skis differ in size, construction, shape/profile, and flexibility. Most times, child skis are not as high performance as adult skis. Since most kids are beginners, it only makes sense for them to start with beginner skis.

If you are a ski enthusiast and you and you want to know more about skis and what skis to buy for you or your kids, in the rest of this article, we will provide you with useful and interesting information. So, read on!

Differences Between Adult and Child Skis


There are some differences between the two and hopefully, you would understand why you shouldn’t allow your kids to use your ski to ski.

  • Size

Generally, children are small in stature. Skis for kids, often referred to as junior skis, regardless of weight, are quite small. As a matter of fact, they are small in all regards; length, width, and weight. Thus, junior skis are more ideal for small skiers because they do not have the size or strength to maneuver a large ski (adult skis).

On the other hand, adult skis are quite larger than junior skis. Adult skis are longer, thicker, and heavier. The exact length of the ski should be determined using the height and ability/skill. Thus, a small ski would be better for kids who are just starting as beginners.

  • Construction

Another difference between adult skis and junior skis is in their construction. Junior skis for kids tend to be constructed differently compared to adult skis. Junior skis are made of lighter materials that make them lightweight, flexible, and easy to maneuver.

However, adult skis are made of high-end materials that require an adult-kind of strength to move around.  It is for this reason adult skis are tougher and stronger and thus can withstand rough terrains.

  • Shape/Profile

For both junior and adult skis, shape and profile come into play. Some skis have a parabolic type of shape that comes with a wider tip, tail, and a narrow waist. Some options are more symmetrical, with a twin tip design and others have less of a rocker on the tail which caters more towards traditional ski styles and racing.

However, rockers and camber can be considered for kids as they are most common in adult skis. Rockers refer to the tip and tail which help skis float above deep snow. They also give a softer and easier turning radius in the tail. On the other hand, chambers provide a spring and bounce which helps in maintaining proper control.

  • Flexibility

Since junior skis are made of softer materials like floppy foam core and other inferior materials, they are quite flexible. This is good for someone with a small size and weight and helps them maneuver the ski easily.

Best Skis for Adults

●      Blizzard Brahma 82 Skis 2020

The Brahma 82 from Blizzard is one of the narrowest skis on the market right now. With a wood core in between two full metal sheets and tips and tails made of bi-directional carbon fiber, the Blizzard Brahma 82 has a firm feel underfoot and is quite easier to pivot tighter trees than most skis.

This ski comes in four sizes; 166cm, 173cm, 180cm and 187cm. The Blizzard Brahma 82 ski has a radius of 19m at 180cm.


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●      Nordica Fire Arrow 76 TI

The Nordica Fire Arrow 76 TI is a great ski that comes in four lengths; 152cm, 160cm, 168cm, 176cm. This ski is actually very good for intermediate or advanced skiers with the physical ability and skills to handle a race-like carving ski. The ski is really quick and will lay trenches in the mountains for days.

This is a ski for expert skiers in search of quality experience and predictable performance. The ski is designed in a way that requires some level of push in order to get the most out of it. Thus, this is not the kind of Ski you cruise around.


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●      Salomon QST Lumen 99

The Salomon QST Lumen 99 is 85mm to 99mm long. With a full-length poplar wood core sandwiched in between a Titanal platform underfoot, the Salomon QST Lumen 99 is truly in a league on its own. The ski is designed to boost its durability.

The tip and tail are made of carbon fiber and basalt and this increases the power and edge-hold capabilities, giving the skier the thrills of skiing. This ski is recommended for intermediate and expert skiers as beginners can have difficulties maneuvering with it.

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 ●     Volkl Mantra M5

If we had to pick a reliable ski for intermediate skiers on the market, it would be the Volkl Mantra M5. Although this ski is expensive, it would take you to cloud 9 and beyond. The ski is equipped with a camber underfoot and a slight rocker at the tail and tip.

The M5 Mantra is a wide ski compared to most skis so it works in any kind of snow condition and it is quite stable and fast.

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● Rossignol React R6

This is another great ski for intermediate and advanced skiers looking to get the best out of groomed slopes. The ski which is a paste specialist is easygoing and feels solid and reliable underfoot even during harsh piste conditions.

However, with this ski, avoid going too fast on packed sloped as they can get twitchy. The available lengths for this ski include 149,156,163,170,177cm. This ski is great for intermediate skiers looking to improve on their carve turns on the piste. This ski is not the best especially when it comes to stability at high speeds.

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● Volkl Deacon 76 Pro Ski

The Volkl Deacon 76 Pro is equipped with a camber underfoot which diverts power to the edges of the ski in order for you to make turning that would have been very difficult with a normal ski. They also have rockers at their tips to help during transitions from turns. The Titanal layer adds to the flex of the ski providing more improvement to your power.

The Volkl also has a UVO 3D dampening which helps to reduce vibrations on rough terrains making your skiing less bumpy. The ski can provide a smooth ride and control in any terrain and mountain for skiers that love going at fast speeds. It also offers a little forgiveness for casual skiers

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●  Kastle MX 99 Skis

The MX 99 is a beast that can work well on any condition you throw at it. It has been improved over the years to catch up on the latest trends. They work best on the front side regardless of your speed.

The side cut has been made to fit better with the flex of the skit to give the edge a better hold and makes turns smoother. It also has a rubber which reduces chattering making it feel like you are riding on rails.

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● Fischer Ranger 94 FR

The 94 FR has a carbon nose construction which helps to reduce chattering and tip and tail rocker to give a freestyle feel to your skiing. The narrowness of the ski makes it versatile and allows for faster edge transition. This ski is also good for front side routines.

It has more rockers in the tail which is designed to stop the tail edge from getting stuck when skiing through tight terrains. The ski does not include a binding making it ideal for experts who like their ride free and thrilling.

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Best Skis for Kids

Have you wondered why your kid isn’t having so much fun in a ski resort?  It isn’t the snow or the resort itself, it is probably because of the ski you got for your kid. Most times, parents buy skis for their kids hoping they would grow into them.

This is a great idea but this could overwhelm your kids and make them feel miserable when skiing. Take this into consideration when you are about to take your kids skiing for the first time.

There are a lot of skies now available for both your male and female child. Before you can select the best ski, which is appropriate for your child you will need to consider their skill level, flexes, height, and waist width. The most important criteria you should consider in choosing the best ski for your kid should be your child’s height.

Since children usually have the same height, any ski that gets to their eyebrow or chin is usually the right choice. You should also measure your child in inches and not in feet. The ski that is designed for kids who are weighing less than 100lbs with a height of about 47 inches is different from that which is for kids who are weighing 150lbs having a height of about 60 inches.

You can consider getting a shorter ski if your child has little experience to make it easier for them to learn more efficiently. If your child is more experienced with the ski, you should get a longer ski. This will improve their performance and experience compared to if they use a shorter ski

Now let’s look at some ski you can get for your kids:

● Volkl Mantra Jr. ski

These skies are actually for skiers that know what they are doing. It isn’t designed for kids who are completely new to skiing or kids who are just getting a hang of it.

The core of the ski is made from a sensor wood core. This makes the ski stiff, allowing it to glide in deeper powder. The core boosts the responsiveness of the ski which will allow your child to make quick turns and curves.

The power construction will increase the balance and control needed to move at fast speeds. The ski is a bit expensive but they are worth their price. The Volkl Mantra Jr is a good choice if your child is skilled. This would give your child a very interesting experience on any terrain they want.

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●  Armada ARW  84

The Armada ARW is designed for girls who want to show off their skills in the park with style. They are built to withstand a lot of abuse and hits from stones and rocks on the mountain. This is because of its 2.4 impact edge and heavy-duty cap construction.

They come with a medium flex making the ski respond well to your daughter’s movement with ease. They are also equipped with a twin tail shape making it easy to perform a lot of freestyle on mountains. How much does it cost? It isn’t that expensive compared to some other skies on the list. The ARW 84 is a solid and light ski built for girls who already have experience with skiing.

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● Salomon QST Max Jr

This ski is perfect for any child who is just learning how to ski. It is equipped with a terrain rocker 2.0 which allows your kid to adapt and train well to any terrain that they encounter.

The ski also comes with a tip protector making the ski retain its shape even after long intensive use. Its monocoque construction makes it easy to maneuver with a good edge grip on any terrain.

The core of the Salomon QST is made of a lightweight composite giving more control to light skiers. The ski is quite easy to control due to its lightweight making it one of the best choices for new kid skiers.

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● K2 Juvy

The k2 Juvy ski is another ski you can get for a child who is still a newbie in the skiing business. It is a very versatile ski made by the K2 Company which is known for making quality sportswear products.

The Juvy has a catch-free rocker allowing beginners to slide around easily. Its turned-up and rounded tail make backward sliding almost effortless. The K2 Juvy is a good choice if you don’t know what to get for your child with a decent price tag attached to it.

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● Elan Maxx 4.5

The Elan Maxx 4.5 is a sleek ski using the best technology to make skiing for your kid memorable. This ski is another cool one with a U- flex technology embedded into the top sheet letting it bend with ease even with the slightest force. This technology makes it a good learning tool for beginners.

The Elan has a power cap construction making it sturdy against most terrains a beginner might run into. It also has a lightweight Synflex core enabling your kid to move with ease. Elan is a bit expensive so make sure they are the right choice for your child

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● Blizzard Cochise Junior

The Blizzard Cochise is another ski meant for experienced kid skiers who already have a few tricks up their sleeves. Its sandwiched sidewall construction allows the ski to have a good balance and Grip. It also has a Poplar wood core that reduces vibrations in rough terrains allowing your child to enjoy a smooth ride down the mountain.

The Cochise is quite expensive but it is worth every penny because of its quality. This is definitely one of the best on the list due to its quality, versatility, and strong build.

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● K2 Poacher Jr

This ski can work for children of different weights, sizes, and experiences. They are made from materials used in the original poacher for adults.

They also come with binding for kids with less experience on the ski. It is constructed from poppy and light aspen wood core giving it versatility control in different terrains. Its cap construction also makes it light for your child to use.

The K2 poacher will serve well especially if your child has a lot of experience with a ski. They also come with a warranty just in case there is a fault on the ski from the factory.

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