Best Ski Gloves for Sweaty Hands

Best Ski Gloves for Sweaty Hands

A lot of us are well and truly familiar with the annoyance that comes with excessively sweaty palms while we’re on the slopes. The smell, the slippery grip, and THAT clammy feeling.

It’s a first-world nightmare, really. Well, now you can rest easy and join me as I explore the best ski gloves that will help you stay dry and smiling.

The most important factor when choosing skiing gloves is insulation. Style, design, lining, and grip are also popular determining factors behind a purchase. Enthusiasts are also known to enquire about new technological features, dexterity, and water-resistance.

I get you. You want to keep warm, but you don’t want to get TOO warm. Ski trips can be long and arduous odysseys as it is, so you do not want the added Sisyphean chore of cooling your drippy mitts. Solutions to your woes await you, Goldilocks. And they’re “Juuust right”.

What to consider when buying gloves


The ski gloves’ first responsibility is to keep you warm, of course. And various materials are available. Fleece is great of course and you could always stick with traditional wool and feathers.

For modernists, you can pick the freshest thermolite and Thinsulate materials.

That’s a tidy selection of protection. An interesting pick, especially among Nordic skiers, is goose or mallard feathers because they are porous for air but impermeable for water. Nature knows best.

Science isn’t far behind, though, and you can check out the incredible PrimaLoftOpens in a new tab. insulation protecting a variety of winter gloves on

One example is Hestra’s ladies’ PrimaLoft rib-knit ski glovesOpens in a new tab.. These gloves are simply amazing. Featuring the innovative digital palm system of breathable polyester, as well as trusty cowhide grip.

Available in an array of swanky colors. Truly an early challenger to the crown. Well done, Hestra gloves.

Personally, I’m gaga for geese and I recommend the futuristic men’s Gtx Da Goose VOpens in a new tab. winter gloves from the Vermont-based glovemakers at Gordini. The magic of these gloves is in their general themes.

How modernity and futurism are still rooted in the traditional principles of nature. The most obvious illustration of this is the shell’s composition of nylon and spandex, which contrasts with traditional leather grips that shield goose and waterfowl feather insulations.

The insulation seemingly seems to get warmer the more temperatures drop, and breathability seems to increase the more temperatures rise. A real technological masterstroke.

You need these for your sweaty palms. Who knows? Maybe the knowledge of owning sophisticated Gtx gloves will make you feel prepared and less nervous. If not, you’ll still look cool.

Best Ski Gloves for Sweaty Hands

Design and styling

The variety of functional and stylistic choices on Amazon means that it’s a chocolate factory situation for you. Take your time to find the perfect pair that reflects your personal tastes and whims. Both men and women are spoiled with rabbit holes of features and innovations.

Winter gloves are typically categorized as either short cuff or long cuff. Short cuff gloves can be snuggly tucked under your ski jacket sleeves, whereas long cuffs are worn over your sleeves.

Both categories feature some of the best winter gloves ever made, but long cuff gloves have a distinct advantage in how easily they can be put on or removed.

For men, check out the leather winter work glovesOpens in a new tab. from HydraHyde. Available in two colors: black and the elegantly flashy saddle-tan. Comfort, work, and style. What every man needs, really. The style is belied by genuine substance though, and you can bet on nature-repelling insulation as well as a snug slip-on fit.

The gloves are made from HydraHyde leather, which is both breathable and water-resistant, ideal for sweaty skiers. The insulation is 100g (3.5oz) of 3M Thinsulate, meaning windy frostbite is a thing of the past.

For ladies, Accsa presents the cute and retro waterproof winter ski gloveOpens in a new tab., also featuring 3M Thinsulate. The diamond-quilted outer shell is made of polyester and the faux-fur cuff is made of acrylic. Machine washable, lightweight, windproof… the list is endless.

The gloves are an absolute killer design and available in 12 salivating colors. Recommendation? The black-shell-black-fur selection has mad black widow vibes. Exude high fashion as you arrive to date night on one of Le Courchevel’s tucked away cliffs. A lady’s secrets are her secrets.

For kids, the older generation might think of the adorable woolen mitts grandma knitted on the train when she found out you had forgotten the pair she made for you last Christmas. But in our futuristic age, the word “kids” has evolved. Even the popular rascals are tech-savvy super-geeks these days.

Enter the anti-slip touchscreen winter cycling glovesOpens in a new tab. by VBIGER. A really snug fit and sleek elastic fabric with reflective trimmings. A treaded silicone print on the fingertips and the palms allows for an excellent grip as well as full smartphone interaction.

Kids love being on their phones and taking photos, especially on special days like ski trips. Parents need not worry about kids constantly removing, and potentially losing, their gloves anymore.

Wearers can fully make use of any touchscreen interface while keeping warm and looking groovy…er…cool. Only available in a Kingsman style matte black. The finger dexterity is fantastic for your child as they learn and master poling techniques. A definite recommendation for light winter skiing.


Tightly gripping the poles is probably the major cause of excessively sweaty hands while shredding. You are going to want to consider getting gloves that have high breathability while giving you a hand with your hold. A great selection for men, women, and kids is available in major sports shops or on the inter-web.

Golden Scute is one of the names making waves in this niche of the gloving industry. Check out their freezer touchscreen fleece glovesOpens in a new tab. on As their name suggests, these grippy gloves are smartphone-friendly and a good fit for both men and women.

Available in two snazzy colors, these tough gloves feature the latest in puncture and abrasion-resistance technology. The starring role, however, belongs to the super grips on these babies.

The freezer gloves feature a sandy nitrile coating all along the palm and fingers for a dictatorial grip in all weather conditions. Worth a try for skiing? You bet. The manufacturer promises minimal, if any, wear and tear over the next few years.

On top of all that, of course, the gloves are incredibly warm, and breathability is excellent if you consider that these are basically industrial equipment. Show off your exciting new poling techniques in peace with this top-notch product.

Kids are also in for a treat, as far as grippy gloves are concerned. The dexterous waterproof touchscreen thermal glovesOpens in a new tab., manufactured by FINGER TEN, are perfect for kids on the trails. Both boys and girls can take full advantage of the high-quality materials, which include insulation fleece, and silicone grip.

Another pair of gloves that won’t require removal as you work your smartphone. The gloves are friendly to sweaty hands too, with high breathability and ventilation. Double layer cuffing completes the overall fit.

The utility ladies’ work glovesOpens in a new tab. from HANDLANDY are a great choice for grip. Ladies will love these for several reasons, such as dexterity, breathability, and touchscreen readiness. The rugged look is not bad either, a combination of polyester and spandex that stretches quite a fair bit.

The grip is a foam-padded synthetic leather, which protects from elements and impacts. These are industrial gloves that would be very much at home on a ski slope, as the grip is vice-like in multiple weather scenarios.

Water resistance

Winter skiing is a few degrees Fahrenheit short of being considered an aquatic sport. Gloves that can at least minimize your chances of getting wet are essential to keep you from freezing your fingers off.

Breathability should not be neglected, however, and should always be a consideration. Be on the lookout for fantastic deals and savings on Amazon.

Cevapro’s thermal winter sports glovesOpens in a new tab. feature the best of both worlds. Featuring impressive water resistance in rain or snow, as well as a highly breathable and moisture-wicking composition.

Like a lot of gloves mentioned in this article, these beauties are also equipped with conductive material coating on the index finger to enable touchscreen interaction.

These gloves only come in black but are available in multiple sizes, which make them great for family sets. Men, women, boys, and girls can all enjoy these elegant unisex gloves on the trails.

PU leather on the palms and fingers features Cevapro’s patented anti-slip technology to ensure an excellent grip as well. The water resistance is arguably the best feature, with a waterproof thermoplastic polyurethane layer under the matted outer shell.

Thicken fleece is the main insulation and you will feel all fuzzy and safe with the comfy fit of the whole package, as you feel the sweat disappear from your fingertips. Don’t forget the wind-resistant cuffing and high finger dexterity either. A complete skiing glove if I ever saw one.

Kingsbom is another serious contender in this department. Go and have a look at their thermal Thinsulate winter glovesOpens in a new tab.. These versatile wonders are ideal for men and women of the great outdoors. Windproof, waterproof, snow proof…foolproof. An excellent choice for all forms of winter skiing.

The insulation is the ever-reliable Thinsulate by 3M, which provides excellent warmth with top-of-the-range breathability. Moving your fingers is extremely easy and comfortable with these gloves as well. Selfie kings and queens are also catered to here.

The thumbs and index fingers are coated in a sensitive conductive material that works great on touchscreens, even when wet. Some people might be disappointed to learn that these excellent gloves only come in black though.

Your children can also benefit from waterproof technology in their gloves. Satinior’s kids’ waterproof glovesOpens in a new tab. are a good example. The package includes two pairs of gloves.

Four colors are available, which is good because this product is targeted at boys and girls. Your kids can ski down the retro lane with the gloves’ timeless design. The threaded elastic cuff was always going to be a staple as well.

Water-resistance is the standout feature here as well, as the cute mitts are also waterproof right round. Hours and hours of playtime in the snow are guaranteed, and parents don’t need to worry about their little ones being exposed to the brutal elements. Soft yet durable, these are a great choice for the family ski trip.


The ease with which the gloves can be manipulated can also be a major reason behind a purchase. The fingers and hands are crucial in skiing, so gloves that afford the wearer’s fingers as much movement as possible are encouraged.

However, the usual catch, for the consumer, is that gloves with great dexterity tend to be poor in insulation and even warmth. I think it is time to revisit that theory.

American manufacturer WONDAY is our first port of call for both ladies and gentlemen. Their winter touchscreen thermal glovesOpens in a new tab. are a simplistic package with sophisticated features, including touchscreen finger capabilities for the thumbs, index, and middle fingers.

Comfort and warmth are not compromised though as the WONDAY gloves are snug and breathable composition of acrylic with a premium wool lining.

You can tell that dexterity was a prime consideration during the gloves’ development. Texting in these is a breeze, and do not expect your calligraphy to suffer either. The palms feature silicone anti-slip grips, ideal for gripping objects in many different conditions. The grips are pretty wear-resistant and durable too.

The gloves are also highly elastic, featuring a lengthened elastic cuff that will shield your wrists from the elements. Skiing in these will be fun, especially in light winter conditions. For harsher weather, you might need a more water-resistant pair of gloves.

Jeniulet is another manufacturer who places great emphasis on dexterity and movement. Find your way to to check out their men’s warm touchscreen cycling glovesOpens in a new tab.. Arrive on the slopes with full confidence and prepare to do some of your best skiing yet.

The high-tech polyester gloves are made from a waterproof lycra outer shell and a wind-resistant fleece lining. They also feature a waterproof and stylish zipper closure for a tight fit.

Your wrists will be covered by Jeniulet’s own 360o Warm technology, comprising of an elastic velvet and fleece blend.

The palms also feature silicone grips so that your phone or other valuables are not dropped needlessly. A conductive coating is available for all ten fingers, making these gloves a strong contender if you are a heavy texter.

All touchscreen devices should respond as if you were using your bare hands. You will have to use your bare hands for any fingerprint sensors, though, but apart from that, you’re ready to go.

Not a bad choice for slopes.


The lining of any pair of gloves is probably the bedrock of their overall comfort. There are usually two types: removable liners, and non-removable liners. Depending on the quality, the removable lining can often be cumbersome to replace in its original position.

Also, linings are rarely the same overall quality as the whole glove. This means that over time, the lining will degrade and wear out at a faster rate than the gloves themselves.

I would advise people with sweaty hands, especially, to instead go for a pair with non-removable lining and save themselves the hassle.

The Smartwool unisex liner gloveOpens in a new tab. is as hassle-free as it gets. Simple, stylish, and smartphone ready. What else do you need?

The merino wool liner traps body heat within while allowing for decent breathability. Comfort is king in this design, with a windproof outer shell taking the majority of nature’s brunt.

The thumbs and index fingers are highly compatible with touchscreens and, overall, the fingers are dexterous and the gloves allow a full range of motion for a wide range of activities.

Skiing is one such activity and you will have a grand old time with these trusty gloves.

Artificial heating

Some say we’re living in the future. The age of smart devices, virtual reality, and…heated gloves?

Indeed. Technological advancement with decades of research behind it is finally refined enough to be considered applicable for an activity as taxing as skiing.

Battery power is the fuel behind this heating technology, which will inevitably send the idea of frostbite to the middle ages where it belongs. The people of the future will laugh at how their ancestors used to lose their fingers to the cold.

One of the coolest battery-powered heater glove pairs is produced by a company named Autocastle. They have availed their awesome heated glovesOpens in a new tab. on Amazon and I’m yet to pick my jaw off the ground.

These gloves are technically designed for people with arthritis who do not wish to let the adventures pass them by. Fantastic for skiing and among the very best gloves listed in this article.

The Autocastle electric heater gloves consist of four layers. The outer layer is made up of water-resistant polyester. The breathability is not compromised in any significant way when compared to most non-electric winter gloves.

The next layer is the heating chip. This is the physical grid of heating elements that maps over all the areas of the glove that will be heated. Underneath is a simple layer of space cotton. The fourth layer is the PU leather grip.

The gloves make use of a 7.5V Li-ion battery to power the heating chip. The heating is adjustable for three levels. As a matter of fact, the highest configuration can reach temperatures of 150OF.

The batteries last for several hours depending on the heat setting, meaning you can ski to your heart’s content. If the batteries do run out, you still have a high-quality set of gloves on your hands.

San Diego based Velazzio is also going hard into the heated glove game. The Thermo1 battery heated gloves are a thing of real beauty and a spectacle of engineering.

Of course, the polyester gloves have waterproofing and wind insulation as standard features. The PU leather grip is exceptionally grippy and serves as the platform for the gloves’ touchscreen readiness.

The heating system is a back-of-the-hand carbon fiber heat panel that is driven by a 5V rechargeable battery. There are three heating levels, that can be set to activate automatically, or left alone completely for manual use.

Your standard fleece lining and drawstring cuffs are present here and do not forget about our beloved 3M Thinsulate.

The best ski gloves for sweaty hands

Best overall

Many gloves have legitimate claims to the title of best anti-sweat gloves on the market. However, we must choose and factor in the above considerations to come up with a brief shortlist.

Velazzio steps up to the plate again. This time with the waterproof eco-friendly ski glovesOpens in a new tab.. Simplistic functional design culminating in a strong long cuff with easy-pull closure.

All the usual “proofs”, breathability, and advanced touchscreen compatibility make these gloves a great purchase.

The aforementioned Autocastle electric gloves are another complete package overall. Even if they weren’t electric, they might still have ended up in this winners’ circle.

However, the title of best overall sweaty-hand ski gloves belongs to the previously mentioned thermal winter sports glovesOpens in a new tab. from Cevapro. These have the style, the function, the size range, dexterity, as well as comfort and warmth.

Most of all they are sweat evacuation machines, with quick ventilation and even quicker wicking. They are also great for both men and women. Touchscreen interactivity is also an area in which these top-notch gloves excel.

A very special mention goes out to Accsa’s ladies’ waterproof winter ski glovesOpens in a new tab., also discussed here. The diamond quilting is just stunning and more akin to something you would find in a Bentley, not on highly affordable ski gloves. The insulation and anti-sweat properties are simply brilliant.

Best budget

Speaking of affordability, the ski glove market’s competitive nature is music to your wallet’s ears and there are many great deals to be had on sweat-ejecting ski gloves. Don’t be afraid to scour Amazon for days on end if need be. You WILL find your perfect deal.

Achiou just squeaks to the title of best budget gloves, with their winter warm waterproof glovesOpens in a new tab.. The value to be had here is immense. All three fun colorways feature water and windproof functionalities. 3M Thinsulate reigns here as you stave off the elements, as well as potentially costly trips to the doctor.

Wear-resistance, FIVE FINGER touchscreen compatibility, comfy lining…the works. All wrapped in a simplistic and non-descript soft shell skin.

It is not easy to ignore Satinior’s kid’s waterproof gloves that were discussed earlier, especially when you consider that they come as two pairs. Great quality, classic design, and a definite contender for best budget gloves out there.

Another special mention goes to N’Ice Caps’ women’s winter Thinsulate snow glovesOpens in a new tab.. Incredible value, as you would expect. Featuring 3M Thinsulate as well as impermeable, yet breathable lining. Lovely frilled cuffs and durable PU leather grips complete these unbelievably affordable ladies’ gloves.

Best gloves for beginners

If you are still learning the basic fundamentals of skiing, I would advise that you get the techniques down pat. With regard to handling ski poles, I would recommend gloves with as much grip and dexterity as possible.

Warmth is also a big factor for beginners, so they should be looking for great insulation and protection features. Touchscreen compatibility is also important for when you take your first ski selfies and landscape photos.

The FINGER TEN gloves above are arguably the best beginner ski gloves for kids. As discussed earlier, these gloves offer a very high level of dexterity, insulation, and grip. All five fingers are smartphone ready too, which is nice.

Jeniulet’s men’s warm touchscreen cycling glovesOpens in a new tab. also deserve further recognition. These gloves are just so sleek it’s crazy. Waterproof polyester is complemented by wind defying fleece. All finger typing as well as grippy and dexterous palms make this an ideal way to polish your poling.

The best of the beginners’ selections is the pair of PrimaLoft ladies’ rib knit gloves from Hestra. The cowhide grip is perfect for skiing, and the premium level insulation is absolutely fit for a queen.

Highly breathable, of course, so you don’t have to stew in your clamminess for a long time. The gloves also feature water-resistant polyester to keep you nice and dry.

The WONDAY unisex glovesOpens in a new tab. we discussed earlier are also a decent starting pair of gloves for aspiring skiers.

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