20 Cheapest Ski Resorts In Europe

Les Menuires

Right off the bat, we should mention that skiing has become one of the world’s most popular activities. Millions upon millions of people enjoy feeling the rush of fresh mountain air on their faces and the soft brush of the sun’s rays as they ski.

Come winter, they always make their way to popular skiing resorts to engage in this thrilling sport. The problem is that these skiing excursions are usually quite expensive.

Skiing holidays have an infamous reputation for being quite pricey. With all the equipment required, lift tickets, food, transport, and lodging, skiing can cause quite a huge hole in your wallet.

You should however not worry about this so much. There are plenty of cheap skiing resort alternatives that you can make use of without having to worry about having a huge budget.

Europe is home to some of the world’s budget-friendly skiing resorts you could ever hope for. These allow you to hit the slopes while still keeping within your budget.

With these resorts, you can affordably pay for things such as resort stays, ski, and snowboard rentals, resort stays, as well as other essential après ski.

In this article, we will explore Europe’s best-kept secrets in terms of the cheapest ski resorts. Our selection includes the best ski resorts with the best slopes and skiing infrastructure, at prices that are more affordable than you could ever believe.

So join us as we enlighten you on the 20 best ski resorts in Europe. This will surely be an insightful read for you!

20 Cheapest Ski Resorts in Europe

If you have gone skiing at some point in time, then you know that it can be quite an expensive pleasure. You’ll find that there are quite a lot of luxurious skiing resorts all over Europe, most of which look enticing, to say the least.

But if you want to be kind to your wallet, then we have the right alternatives just for you.

In a world where cheap skiing in Europe is a possibility, you won’t necessarily get a poor experience in a cheap resort than in a luxurious one. In fact, with all honesty, many of Europe’s cheapest ski resorts are also its best.

This is because many European ski resorts are usually so big and vast that they often include both exclusive as well as budget-friendly accommodation in different parts of the same mountain.

If you are on the hunt for a perfect balance between a breathtaking snow mountain and a relatively cheap ski resort in Europe, then relax. We have just the right picks for you. So read on and prepare to get the most out of this piece.

1.   Borovets, Bulgaria.


Borovets in Bulgaria is one of Europe’s most popular choices when it comes to cheap skiing resorts. It is a small ski town that undoubtedly makes you feel as if you have traveled back in time to a very traditional Bulgarian setting.

This resort is situated around the Rila Mountains. It is surrounded by alpine landscapes and beautiful lakes, all of which are breathtaking, to say the least.

The ski zone sits at Rila National Park’s stony Musala Ridge. In this resort, several different slopes and ski paths are available to you depending on your level of skill as well as the difficulty of the ski path you’d like to undertake.

There are some lifts on offer that can take you to the peaks of Rila Mountain for amazing views over Borovets and surrounding areas. There are amazing ski trails there as well.

Borovets also offers night skiing, with the lifts operating between 6 and 10 pm every evening when the ski slopes are lit up, ready for skiers to hit.

The lift pass cost is € 30 per day, while the ski rental cost is € 13 per day.

2.   Vogel, Slovenia.


Vogel, found in Slovenia, is a ski resort found within the Triglav National Park. This national park is known for its natural beauty. The ski slopes in Vogel lie above the Bohinj Lake which is also quite breathtaking.

The ski resort offers a variety of lifts, ranging from chair lifts to cableways. These lifts allow you to choose from some of the resort’s 19 ski slopes. Each one of these slopes is quite versatile and has unique things to offer for every stage of ability. For beginner skiers, the less demanding ones are an excellent choice.

In addition to all this, the resort has a snow park. This makes it a perfect place for beginners to practice their skills, and also for children to be taught in simulated snow areas and beginner slopes. There are also a lot of winter experiences on offer, like country skiing, ski jumping, paragliding, and sledding.

The lift pass cost is € 25, and the ski rental cost at € 24. This makes it quite affordable.

3.   Soll, Austria.


Soll in Austria is one of Austria’s small remote towns. It is located in the Ski Welt in an area called Tyrol. Despite its remote location, this ski resort is very well known, particularly for its night skiing offers.

It is one of the best destinations in Europe to ski on the slopes under the moonlight.

It has over 280km of slopes. This ranges from beginner to intermediate and advances further. The beginner slopes are a good place to learn, before progressing to one of the more intermediary slopes to challenge yourself.

If you are an advanced skier looking for a challenge, you too won’t be disappointed. In the Ski Welt, there are over 85 lifts. This ski resort is a good fit for all people.

Soll is a small village that has a lively atmosphere. It has numerous restaurants and bars, as well as other important après ski.

The lift pass cost is €53 and the Ski rental cost is €23. It is therefore quite affordable.

4.   Les Houches, France.

Les Houches

Les Houches, found in France, is a ski resort that is located close to Chamonix. This is one of Europe’s main ski hot spots. This resort is found in the famous French Alps. It has a backdrop of Mount Blank, which is simply breathtaking.

Most of Les Houches’ slopes and trails are perfect for intermediate skiers. It, however, has fewer beginner and expert slopes. It has over 22 ski slopes in total. This small ski resort is, therefore, a good fit for skiers.

In addition to all this, the ski resort boasts of an ice rink. Winter sports enthusiasts can also undertake snowshoeing through the French Alps. The resort has excellent systems in place to ensure conditions are very well kept throughout the winter.

What’s even better is that it’s quite affordable. The lift pass cost is € 45 and the Ski rental cost is € 29.

5.   Livigno, Italy.


Livigno is found in the Italian Alps, quite close to the Swiss border. This resort is found in the Stelvio National Park. It has the vibe of rustic small villages.

There are 28 beginner ski runs in this resort that are perfect for new skiers or families skiing together. It has a snow center that is perfect for people to learn and practice.

This resort has over 115 km of slopes. This provides slopes for everyone to enjoy, from advanced skiers to beginner skiers.

The resort has 32 lifts in total that vary from chair lifts to pull lifts. These allow you to explore the Italian Alps in its full glory.

Other winter activities like ice climbing and horse riding are also available. This means that there is something for everyone to do.

The city center also offers discount prices for a majority of items meaning you will save quite a lot of cash.

This ski resort is quite affordable. The lift pass cost is € 50 and the Ski rental cost is € 21.

6.   Andermatt, Switzerland.


The village of Andermatt is a traditional Swiss village that runs along a river. When you step into the town, you feel like you have traveled back in time into Swiss history.

Andermatt, which is found in Switzerland is located in the famous Swiss Alps. The vocal point of this ski resort is Gemsstock Mountain. The ski resort is home to some amazing intermediate and advanced ski slopes and trails.

Andermatt’s ski arena is one of the largest ones in Europe. It is arguably the best place to explore the various slopes and lifts on offer.

The skiing conditions are perfect because fresh snow is extremely common in this resort. Around Gemsstock Mountain, cross country skiing and winter hiking are quite popular for tourists and locals alike.

You need not worry about the prices of this resort. It is quite affordable. The ski lift costs € 84 and the ski rental costs € 31.

7.   Jahorina, Bosnia.


Jahorina found in Bosnia is located in the stunning Dinaric Alps of South Sarajevo. This resort has quite breathtaking views and is a beautiful wonderland during the winter ski season which ranges typically from December till early April.

This resort has 25 km worth of slopes which isn’t such a small figure, It has 8 lifts that include both chair and pull lifts for anyone wishing to undertake its trails and slopes.

It has several easy beginner slopes, as well as advanced ones, even ones that are fit for the Olympics. There’s a slope that was used for the last Women’s Olympics.

It is quite affordable and doesn’t put a huge dent in your wallet. This makes it a perfect choice for you.
The ski lift costs € 23 and the ski hire costs € 10.

8.   Les Menuires, France.

Les Menuires

This is another popular resort in Europe. Les Menuires in France is a ski resort that still keeps its traditional French allure even though it has been modernized.

This ski resort is found in the French Three Valleys. The good news for you is that it has an option for a budget trip or a luxurious trip. So for this reason, you have the chance to choose the cheap budget option.

It has some south-facing ski runs meaning you will be bathed in the February and March sunlight, allowing you the rare opportunity of catching the sun whilst skiing.

It is a good place for beginners to learn skiing. They can spend time getting acquainted with the easy beginner runs before progressing to intermediate slopes.

In this resort, you also have an option to purchase additional ski lift passes for the whole 3 valleys, and connect with ski lifts and trains so that you take in the whole area fully.

The ski lift costs € 52 and the ski hire costs € 13. It is therefore quite affordable.

9.   Soldeu, Andorra


This amazing resort is found on the hillside of the valley that connects France and Andorra. Andorra isn’t so much of a well-known country. But if you think that it has no excellent ski resorts to offer, then think again.

Soldeu is one of Europe’s largest resorts and offers amazing opportunities for beginners. It has easy beginner slopes as well as advanced and expert slopes. It has over 200 km of slopes. This makes it a large place for you to have your skiing fun.

It has over 123 runs in the form of slopes and trails. This will allow you to take in the beautiful scenery.  There are also other winter activities on offer like ice skating, dog sledding, and zip-lining.

It is quite cheap and affordable. The ski lift costs € 51 and the ski hire costs € 14. This makes it an awesome choice for you.

10. Bansko, Bulgaria.


Bulgaria is home to several affordable ski resorts and Bansko is one such resort. It is located in the South West of Bulgaria at the bottom of the Prin Mountains. These mountains are located in the Prin National Park.

The alpine forest available throughout the park is quite beautiful. There are snow-topped trees and glacial lakes add to the beauty and ambiance of the area. All of this makes it a great location for skiing.

It is Bulgaria’s largest ski resort and has amazing slopes and trails that serve both beginners and intermediates.

All in all, the town is beautiful and you will always be in awe of the traditional buildings. The town is also lively and vibrant and offers a variety of après ski with lots of bars and nightclubs.

The ski lift cost is € 35 and the ski hire cost is € 10. This makes it a cheap option for you.

11. Janske Lazne, Czech Republic.

Janske Lazne

This is one of Europe’s most popular ski resorts. The good news is that it is quite affordable and offers amazing sceneries and skiing experience.

This resort is located in the town of Janske Lazne, which shares its name. The town has a bit of a traditional vibe to it and is filled with a lot of skiers in the winter ski seasons.

This town has the first-ever cable car that lifts you to the top of the ski slopes. It has one of the largest ski runs at 1.5 miles.

The ski resort has 14 lifts and 9 ski runs, all of which are good for skiing and snowboarding. It also offers a cross country skiing option if you are looking for a slow pace.

There are options for beginners and advanced skiers alike. The resort is quite affordable as well. The ski lift costs € 35 and the ski hire costs € 15. There are also amazing ski après in the town.

12.Val d’Anniviers, Switzerland.

Val d’Anniviers

This ski resort is one of Switzerland’s most famous ski destinations. It appeals to a lot of avid skiers because it offers amazing skiing opportunities for affordable prices.

It is located in the Swiss Alps and has four separate ski areas and lift passes that grant you access to all these ski areas.

The mountainside scenery topped with fresh snow in the winter season provides amazing views to skiers.

The resort has over 215 km of slopes that are perfect for skiers as well as snowboarders. There are numerous ski routes and slopes that run through a forest. The home village of the resort is quiet and cozy. It is truly a relaxing area.

There are also a lot of natural landscapes and glacier caves which will give you the best experience for cross country skiing.

The ski lift costs € 62 and the ski hire costs € 28. This makes it a budget-friendly choice for you.

13. Sudelfeld- Bayrischzell, Germany.

Sudelfeld- Bayrischzell

One of Germany’s largest and most popular ski resorts, this is a perfect choice for you if you are looking for a budget-friendly ski resort.

Sudelfeld Bayrischzell has over 31 km of slopes. Numerous ski routes run through the mountain forest providing beautiful scenery.

The resort has 14 lifts that transport skiers to the top of the slopes. This resort offers a mix of beginner slopes as well as intermediary and advanced slopes.

Intermediary slopes are quite popular and for this reason, 70% of slopes are intermediate.

The town is quite lively and provides for amazing après ski opportunities. The resort is quite affordable and is therefore an amazing choice for you. The ski lift costs € 41 and the ski hire costs € 20.

14. Sauze d’Oulx, Italy.

Sauze d’Oulx

Sauze d’Oulx, found in Italy is a mountain range and is located just 2 hours away from the city of Turin. The ski resort is located at the base of the Monte Genevris. So you can see the snow-covered mountains that are quite breathtaking.

Some of the lower slopes have tree line routes that allow you to marvel at the natural beauty when skiing. The higher and open-air slopes offer a more intermediate variety of slopes. The resort has 400 km worth of slopes in its over 1500 meters of height.

The après ski in the area is quite pleasing and affordable. There are also lots of bars and restaurants in the area.

The ski lift costs € 38 and the ski hire costs € 17. This means that it is an affordable resort which is an amazing choice for you.

15. Jasna, Slovakia


Jasna in Slovakia is one of the most well-located ski resorts in Europe. It is located at the foot of the Tatra Mountains. There are alpine forests that form part of the beautiful scenery of the mountains.

All these beautiful sceneries make the resort a form of a winter wonderland in the winter seasons and therefore makes it perfect for skiers.

It has over 42 km of slopes and trails which you can explore in your skiing. There are about 28 lifts that transport skiers to the top of these slopes.

We should mention, however, that this area isn’t so ideal for beginners. Most of the slopes start at intermediate and advance to more expert slopes that are hard to navigate.

The ski lift costs € 38 and the ski hire costs € 25. This is an amazing and affordable deal which makes this resort a perfect pick for you if you are on a budget.

16. Flachau, Austria.

Flachau, Austria

This resort is located in Salzburg, Austria. It is found in Ski Amade which is the largest skiing area in Austria. The Ski Amade area has an impressive 270 lifts with a staggering 760 km worth of slopes and trails that you can explore.

There are fresh slopes that have magnificent sceneries. It also has snow parks that are perfect for beginners to learn the ropes. Cross country skiing is quite popular in this resort seeing as it is where the sport originated from.

The resort is quite lively and the visitors usually get together in the evenings to enjoy each other’s company in the variety of après ski available.

The ski lift cost is €56 and the ski hire cost is € 15. This makes Flachau a perfect ski resort for you if you are looking for a cheap and affordable choice.

17. Białka Tatrzańska, Poland.

Białka Tatrzańska, Poland

When it comes to skiing, Poland isn’t so much of a popular destination. This is surprising considering Poland is home to some of the best and cheapest ski resorts in Europe.

Białka Tatrzańska is located at the foot of the Tatra Mountains, quite close to the Slovakian border. Compared to other resorts in this list, it’s smaller with just over 18 km worth of slopes.

It is a great place for beginners because 80% of the slopes are designed for beginners. In addition to this, there are ski schools that allow one to practice. It is therefore an excellent place for one to learn the ropes.

There are also some other popular winter sports like snowmobiling, hiking, and snowshoeing.

The ski lift costs € 26 and the ski hire cost is € 10. This makes it one of the cheapest choices on this list.

18. Zakopane, Poland.


This resort is based on the foot of the Tatra Mountains, near the border of Slovakia. Both tourists and locals flock to this resort to ski, with most people being excited about the Ski Jump festivities that happen in January every year.

Depending on your skills, this resort has slopes marked in green, blue, and red. So you can hit the slopes and pick the best ones for you depending on your skiing capabilities.

The slopes have chair and pull lifts. Taking a chair lift to the Top of the Tatra Mountains is also possible and will give you amazing views of both South Poland and Slovakia.

The ski lift costs € 21 and the ski hire costs € 8, making this resort one of the most affordable ones on this list.

19. Vemalden, Sweden.

Vemalden, Sweden

Vemalden has been developed into a ski resort that connects 3 of the main ski resorts found in Sweden. It offers new lifts and has over 35 lifts and 58 slopes.

This allows for exploration by beginner skiers and intermediate skiers. Most of its runs are big and easy to navigate making it a good place to practice. The runs go through an alpine forest that is simply breathtaking.

The ski lift costs € 30 and the ski hire costs € 13. This makes it an affordable choice.

20. Poiana Brasov, Romania.

Poiana Brasov, Romania

This ski resort is located in the Postavaru Mountains. It is surrounded by beautiful alpine forests. This resort has over 25 km of ski paths with 9 runs in total. These runs progress from beginner to expert. There are also ski schools for beginners to learn the ropes.

If you’re looking for some après ski, then the town is well endowed in this department. The ski lift cost is € 26 and the ski hire cost is € 8. This makes it an affordable choice.

All things considered, these are actually cheap and affordable ski resorts that are available all over Europe. So try one out and enjoy your skiing holiday cheaply and enjoyably!

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