20 Best Ski Resorts to Work At

If you are a winter lover, then working at a ski resort might be the perfect gig for you. The terrain, location, and the neighboring surroundings are some of the elements you should consider when pondering on which ski resort to work. You may consider working in ski resorts that are near major metropolitan states.

Believe it or not, ski resorts actually pay quite well. San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland, Fremont, Tanaina, Wasilla, and Hayward are some of the cities that pay the highest amount for ski reps jobs. Workers in these areas get a salary that is relatively higher than the national average salaries.

Jobs at skiing resorts will allow you to interact with like-minded people and develop some strong friendships. For some ski resort jobs, you will get a perfect time off to enjoy the amazing backyards when few people are on the mountain slopes.

Ski jobs offer you a wider tab of options by providing summer operations. Besides, freeskiing, discounted rentals, gear pedals, pass vouchers for your family also offer a greater value for your ski resort employment experience.

There are a variety of amazing resorts to work at. You just have to decide what fits your skills. Do you want to be a ski patroller? Ski instructor? Lift operator? Terrain Park Crew? Housekeeper? You may resort to working as a ski resort manager, ski industry marketer, or even a ski resort general manager.

20 Best Ski Resorts to Work At

It doesn’t matter where you end up working, it’s almost a guarantee that you will be able to have a great time at each ski resort.

1.     Zermatt Resort, Switzerland

It’s one of the best resorts in Switzerland. The impressive Matterhorn makes it unique. With more than 200km of piste and heli-skiing, you will find it thrilling here.

Working at the resort is fascinating and after getting your rewards you may decide to try out some of the foods in the resorts. Zermatt has a mix of five-star hotels. If you are a champagne lover, you could opt for Elsie’s bar.

How much does Zermatt resort pay? The resort has salaries and wages, tips and bonuses, and makes hourly payments based on the workers’ reports and estimates.

You could make $13 an hour, inclusive of tips when working at Zermatt’s Steak and Chop Haus restaurant as a waiter. You could also work as a janitor and earn about $6 an hour.

2.  Chamonix resort, France

Who wouldn’t want to work at Chamonix resort? If you have had an adventure at this resort you will probably appreciate the 13-mile long Vallee Blanche run. Notably, the world’s first Olympic Games were held at this resort in the 1920s during the winter.

The advantage of working at the Chamonix resort is that there are flexible working hours that would allow time for plenty of skiing and snowboarding. The scenery alone will keep you motivated. You will find out that you can get paid for skiing ability for 5 or 6 months.

Wouldn’t it be fun to get paid while having some little bit of pleasure?

The Chamonix resort is well known for its best pay rates. If you consider working as a Chalet assistant you could get an average salary of £60 per week plus tips.

The primary job for the chalets is to help the chefs with meal preparations and ensuring that guests receive high-end services. Drivers that ferry people to this ski resort earn a salary of £100 every week.

3.  Aspen Resort, USA

If you fancy meeting famous people or celebrities like the movie stars then working at Aspen resort could be the best thing for you. Both rich and famous people make Aspen their ski resort of choice. Aspen has its origins from a silver mining town in the Colorado State and started to develop as a resort in the 1930s.

You certainly won’t go hungry as an employee in Aspen. You will often find a wider range of foods. You may want to check out the Aspen Hickory House.

Aspen has more than 200 pistes that you can choose from. Being a resort worker at this resort it’s possible to explore the places when everybody else goes home. An incredible investment in the facilities creates a safe working environment.

The average employee at this resort gets an annual income of $30, 458 working as ski instructors, or even ski patroller. It’s however, important to note that you may earn different salaries depending on the job category.

4.  Kitzbuhel Resort, Austria

The resort offers up to 181 kilometers of slopes Kirchberg and KitzSki. It extends further to an altitude of 2000 meters. 200 days of skiing per year in Kitzbuhel make it even more thrilling.

This resort is certainly good news for their employees due to its relatively less expensive nature. Cheap foods are available such that you won’t even notice much of a dint in your net earnings when working at this resort.

Whether you fancy modern or traditional foods you may need to check out Zinnkrug. There is a culinary diversity from gourmet restaurants on the mountain to ski huts.

During free hours and off-days workers can enjoy some fabulous runs if you are a competent skier. Make sure not to miss the Ehrenbach Hohe ski runs.

Kitzbuhel Resort offers a variety of jobs. A lift operator at this resort earns approximately $ 11- 12 an hour. The pay for a skiing instructor is based on experience. On average the pay is $15- $21 an hour.

5.     Sestriere Ski Resort, Italy

It hosted the famous 1997 ski world championships. The resort has a perfect blend for all catering levels of skiers and its location makes it perfect for some good nightlife. It’s home to the Tabata night club; one of the biggest and the best that the Alps have to offer.

Some quality foods, pizza, and pasta will tempt you to work here. You could check out places like la Baita or Colombiere.

Working here you will be able to explore the good snowfall due to the resort’s high altitude. Banchetta and Sises are slopes that will offer a lot of different types of skiing nearby. It sits amongst 400km of pistes.

Sestriere resort hotels offer housekeeping jobs with minimum net pay of $11- $ 12 per hour. Bartenders at this resort rely on tips with their net income averaging to $12 per hour.

6.  Vail, Colorado

vali colarado

Amazing is probably the best word we could use to describe the Vail resort in Colorado. Some skiers at the Vail are wealthy and rich, a vibe that manifests in high-end shops and eye-catching shops.

Seasonal workers will often find friendly locals and encounter cheap foods. This blend along with the famous Colorado powder and sun is what makes it attractive to work here during the winter season.

The Vail resort offers hourly payments that range from $8.93 for a cashier and $24.00 for an electronics technician. Besides, the average net salary for its managers ranges from $26,910 to $73,495.

7.    Big Sky Resort, Montana

Big Sky Resort, Montana

If you fancy skiing down a huge terrain and sparse crowds, you should consider working at Big Sky Resort. First, it’s unmatched by any other resort in North America. Considered among the largest resorts in America, Big sky has 5750 acres of skiable terrain and a vertical drop of 4350 with average snow of 400 inches.

It’s fun working a seasonal job here. The resorts tend to make a lot of changes within a short time to maximize profits. This creates an exciting experience every day giving you a chance to ski or snowboard in your off-hours.

It’s great for seasonal workers looking for housing accommodations.  Employees at big Sky resort earn differently depending on the jobs assigned. The average salary for employees at the resort is $28,591 per annum. You can get $11-$18 for an assistant executive job on an hourly basis and $11-$16 for an assistant pastry chef.

8.    Snowbird Resort, Utah

Snowbird Resort, Utah

The resort ranks as one of the places to work a seasonal job. It arguably has 12.7 meters of the driest powder on earth. It has proximity to Salt Lake City and as an employee, you can live in the Utah capital that guarantees access to shops and social amenities. If you enjoy skiing, you can do so in this resort during your off-hours.

Salaries are $35,500 annually for a Banquet Captain, $49,000 per year for Technicians. There’s also an hourly basis payment of about $10.95-$16.60 for housekeeping duties and shuttle drivers.

9.    Las Lenas, Argentina

It’s commonly referred to as the Chamonix of the southern hemisphere. It’s a remote resort that has plenty of scope for serious piste skiing that will keep the skiers entertained. The resort lacks trees and could be a good fit for you if you want to try something quite different.

It’s located in the western region of Mendoza province. The resort’s reliable powder snow and extreme climate favor off-piste skiing. It has 17500 hectares of skiable area (43000 acres), with a base valuation of 7350 feet and a top elevation of 11250 feet.

Accommodation here would not be a problem for you. On-site hotels and sleep houses are available. It’s quite a busy resort where finding a job will be easy.

After the end of the shift, you should acknowledge that the typical Argentine fashion for dinner is late at 10 pm whereas bars do not get going until midnight.

Compared to North American or European resorts, the pay rates here are lower. You still, however, wouldn’t want to turn down a chance of working here. Ski tuner and technician jobs at this resort will earn you an average of $12-$15/hr.

10.Queenstown Resort, New Zealand

There’s good news if you are looking for a free pass for your family when working. There are plenty of easy runs for beginners. It’s not a large resort but has many bars for relaxation during the evenings. Bungee jumping and white water rafting are among the sports available.

Here, the snow falls in the summer and not during the winter. Located near Queenstown, you will be able to get access to amenities. There are smaller resorts within Cardrona that are among the best to explore and has a unique terrain park for boarders.

Widely known for its food preparation practices and services, Queenstown Resort pays its managers and chefs an average annual salary of $39,394.

11.Avoriaz, France

avoriaz france

Despite the boring nightlife, this resort offers plenty to do. Chalets and hotels will allow you to ski from the front door while its high altitude categorizes it amongst the scenic resorts in the Alps. You will come across car-free roads which are instead filled with horse-drawn sleds.

You may be tempted to bring your family here if you work here. There are plenty of good runs for beginners and intermediate skiers.

Working as a bus and Shuttle drivers at this resort are paid better compared to other ski resorts. You will likely pocket $ 12- $15.25 for these kinds of jobs at this resort.

12.Breckenridge, Colorado


Despite it being located in a cluster of resorts, Breckenridge gets the nod in terms of terrain, snowfall, and the vibrant mining town with the best après ski in the U.S.A. The cluster of resorts includes Copper Mountain, Loveland, Arapahoe Basin, and Keystone.

These terrain parks are the reason why most seasonal workers move to Breckenridge to seek jobs.  Working at this resort as Ski resort manager, departmental manager, or being an experienced worker will likely earn you a salary ranging from $25,000 to $75,000 yearly.

13.Telluride Resort, Colorado


Despite it being famous for its advanced terrain, the resort has over 50% intermediate and beginner runs. The ski resort has more than 2000 skiable acres which span between the historic town of Telluride and the alpine community of the Mountain Village.

Telluride would be an excellent place to work at. Its blend of extreme terrain, plentiful piste cruisers, and inbound hiking make the resort unique. The resorts frontier history will remind you of Butch Cassidy, a notorious bank and train robber whose first robbery took place in this city.

The resort’s terrain is amongst the most varied in the city, with options for an extreme junkie to the seasonal employees that aim to improve their technique on the piste.

The average salary for a retail sales associate in the Telluride resort is approximately $14.61 per hour and $82,402 yearly for a Hotel Manager in the resort.

14.Crested Butte, Colorado


Known as the home of various freeskiing championships, the resort has a diverse and extreme terrain. The upper parts of the mountain constitute steep and rocky chutes, bowls, and cliff drops. It’s located in the southwest of Colorado but within the Elk Mountain range and Gunnison National Forest.

For workers who love snow, this resort averages 234 inches of snow. When taking the days off you could take advantage of the resorts five terrain parks:

  • Cascade Park- has hybrid rail combinations,
  • Ten Peaks Progression Park- recommended for beginners and intermediate skiers,
  • Keystone Park; and the lower
  • Twister Terrain Park.

Gunnison College is near this resort. It facilitates continuous energy in the slopes at night and makes Crested Butte a top place to seek a job. Colorado City has a hidden gem with some amazing-inbound terrain.

The town remains one of the few authentic ski areas. The Crested Butte Mountain craggy peak rises sharply from the surrounding tablelands.

Working at the Crested Butte may not be easy but it pays well. You could earn way more than the national average of $28,555p.a. Employees earn $35,283p.a. Some employees may even get an average net income of $50,000 yearly.

15.Eaglecrest Ski Area – Alaska

With quite incredible features, a 1640M vertical drop, and an impressive backcountry access of more than 640 acres, it’s one of the best resorts you could work in.

In the 1960s, Craig Lindh and Bob James approached the state’s Forest Service with an idea of opening a ski resort on Douglas Island, the home to Eaglecrest Ski resort.

It will only take you approximately 15 minutes when driving from downtown Juneau to get here! You will find out that it is located in diverse terrain and the access road is in an avalanche free zone. You will require top-notch skiing/snowboarding skills to take on Pittman’s ridge hike.

The ridge has a 1546ft vertical drop and an almost complete view of the slopes and Young Bay. Intermediate skiers can take the Black Diamonds run from Hillary’s or Raven.

Eaglecrest’s snow school staff will help you get going. Normally, the regular operation schedule is Wednesday till Sunday. However, there are daily operations over the spring breaks and the Christmas Breaks.

There are often openings for cashiers, mountain operations staff, and chairlift operators every season. Both full-time and part-time winter seasonal positions are also available. Whether a certified PSIA/AASI skiing and snowboarding instructor you can work in this ski resort.

The base area of the resort is made up of Eaglecrest Lodge which offers a wider range of amenities including the Porcupine Lodge and Eaglecrest Grill. You won’t come short of accommodation options in the surrounding suburbs of Juneau.

Machinery operators at this resort are tasked with maintaining the slope conditions and snow-grooming the machinery. The expected minimum wage for this job is $17 per hour.

16.Whistler Blackcomb – British Columbia

It’s the largest ski resort in North America. The ski resort features a peak to peak Gondola for movement between Whistler and Blackcomb mountains. It has amazing alpine skiing events that might tempt you to seek a job here.

Motivated investments form part of the livable design of Whistler Village. The village leaves no desire unfulfilled with its mix of community service shops, restaurants, bars, and condominiums.

If you’re looking for a balance between work and a fun lifestyle then this resort might be the perfect fit for you. The Whistler Mountain will give you a view of Blackcomb Mountain from the south. Beside it is the Whistler peak, right to the fold, and left to the fold is the Harmony Bowl area.

If you intend to work as a ski instructor at this resort, you will earn approximately $24,375 yearly. However, much more experienced workers are likely to receive approximately $59,670 per year.

17.  Whistler Blackcomb Ski Resort – British Columbia

Most of the adventurous simply refer to it as legendary. It sits at the Grand Teton National Park gateway and offers incredible skiing during the winter with unparalleled sightseeing, hiking, and biking in the summer period.

Workers on off days will probably tell of the famous 100-passenger Jackson Hole Aerial from Teton Village to the Summit of the mountain (6311ft- 10450ft). Be it a visitor or a worker, riding the aerial tram is a must as the ultimate way to experience the grandeur of the mountains.

An average employee at the Jackson Mountain Resort will approximately earn an annual net pay of $29,513 keeping in mind that different jobs can earn you way more than that.

18.Sugarloaf Mountain Ski Resort-Maine

With an amazing lift capacity of 19348 skiers per hour, this resort is one of the best you might consider working at. Notably, the lifts open at 8:00 am and 8:30 am for the lower lifts and Main Mountain lifts respectively. The elevation from the top is approximately 4237 feet. It has 618 acres of 1240 snow skiable areas.

Why should you consider working at Sugarloaf Mountain Resort? The resort offers a lot of generous perks. The overall energy of the company management and staff will keep you going.

A management that is timely with its scheduling and understands the need for flexibility is also assured. Don’t forget about its amazing beauty, skiing, mountain hiking, and biking, and the zip lines. Notably, an average employee makes $28,916 annually at Sugarloaf Mountain ski resort.

19.Mount Bachelor Ski Resort- Oregon


Ranked at 6th position across North America, the resort has over 4000 skiable acres and 3365 feet of vertical drop. Apart from its Nordic Center for cross-country skiing and snow tours, there are 101 runs from which you can explore.

You might be surprised to find out that the resort lives on top of a dormant volcano. The views from the top are breathtaking.

You won’t find an incredible cross-country trail system other than here. There is a volcano formed natural pie which extends down into the tree levels. The terrain natural flow has been designed via the use of cut trails. A powder day won’t be easy to forget with an annual flow of 387 inches of snow.

If you intend to work here yet you are an expert skier, then this will be great for you. The terrain allows expert skiers to experience 60% of the slopes including the 360 degrees skiing from the resort’s 9065-foot summit.

Intermediate skiers have plenty of blue runs off the summit chair of about 9000ft. Thanks to the complimentary Carrousel near the Sunrise Lodge you wouldn’t have to pay a lift ticket if you are a beginner.

Working as a manager at this resort will make you $14-$11/hr for a ski instructor and $10 an hour for a seasonal daycare assistant.

20. Smugglers’ Notch Ski Resort- Vermont


Voted as the number one overall resort in the East, it’s one of the best ski resorts to work at. If you are a family guy and you enjoy working around families, this might be the perfect place to get a gig.

Uniquely associated with President Thomas Jefferson, it derives its names from activities precipitated by his request to prevent Americans from involvement in Napoleonic wars. Experienced skiers will be excited by the long trail, 272 miles that runs down the slopes of Vermont.

You won’t have to worry about accommodation if you work here. The resort is surrounded by communities that have condos. Discounted meals and free snowboard/ski passes are some of the perks offered for workers.

The resort provides you with an employee handbook that will acquaint you with information about the working conditions, the employee benefits, and policies that affect your employment.

The resort pays an average of $10.50- $11 on an hourly basis for ski instructors.

Based on the above article, it’s safe to say that the best possible ski resorts you could work at are located in parts of Europe, North America, and South America. However, the regions of Australia and China also have cool ski resorts that you will find to be quite amazing to work at.

It is important to note that the salaries mentioned were gathered as of writing of this post.

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